Doom Enhancement Mod Doomsday Engine Released

The Deng team has announced the latest release of its Doom enhancement mod Doomsday Engine, now available for download. The Doomsday Engine allows users to play DOOM, Heretic, and Hexen using modern technology, with hardware accelerated 3D graphics, surround sound and much more.

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sukru3140d ago

While I do like progress on Doom engines, this is an intermediate release:

From release notes of 1.9.0-beta6.9

Known issues

* Multiplayer games are not fully operational. The stable version 1.8.6 is recommended for multiplayer games at this time.
* Demo recording/playback is not functional. Demo support will return in a future release.

Maybe it would be better if we reported 1.9.0 final release instead.

Cajun Chicken3139d ago

Awesome! Try this out later tonight. Love Doomsday. However I'm not such a fan of the 'Snowberry' GUI.