Is Digital Distribution really the Future?

Cheaper. Faster. More Convenient. These are all things promised with the advent of digital distribution. But well after the heralded arrival of iTunes, the Xbox Live Video Marketplace, and the PlayStation Network Video Store, consumers are still left feeling uncertain. While a small minority adapt to the perceived future of gaming and media at current prices, more budget conscious people stick to the cable box or Satellite dish despite tempered chagrin.

One should always heed new technology as experimental. Just Google "Red Ring" for proof of that.

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HolyOrangeCows3145d ago

Until a higher percentage of the market has internet, no.

xTruthx3145d ago

IMO, in the future it will. Not soon tho

NateNater3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

I like having discs and I'm sure im not alone on that. For example, I'm not bashing PSPgo btw but just look at its sales. Doesn't that tell you something about what the gaming world alone thinks of digital distribution so far? It says that most of the gaming world isn't ready for it yet.

As for the music and movie world, maybe people are ready for that. The iTunes Store and NetFlix seem to be striving so there's your justification for that.

Software_Lover3145d ago

Its the present.

Xbox live Arcade (full xbox 360 games there also)
torrent sites (yes this is a form of digital distribution)

Digital Distrubition is here now. And many people, like myself, take advantage of it. It can still live side by side with actual hard copies. I still prefer to buy hard copy products as long as the price is right. But Digital Distribution isn't going anywhere either. The only place it has to go is up.

Fatal Blow3144d ago

Yes it is but not just yet probably in about 20years time or more to become fully digital like now we have itunes,steam,psn,xbox live and many more

goalweiser3144d ago

I agree that digital media will be more popular in the future. Hopefully things will get cheaper too.

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