Nintendo Wii Rail Shooters Data shows the new data for House of the Dead: Overkill, Dead Space: Extraction, and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.

CwG says in one section, "House of the Dead Overkill has 348,215 Total Hours reported this week, increasing 5,504 hours over last week.
Dead Space Extraction has 81,237 Total Hours reported, an increase of 3,291 hours.
Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles has 199,622 Total Hours reported this week, increasing 9,872 hours since last week."

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CoffeewithChess3168d ago

Anybody play any of these three games on a regular basis?
I do think Resident Evil's numbers are doing well, game-play wise, considering it was released in November 2009.

respawnaction3168d ago

Darkside Chronicles is an awesome shooter beside the shaky cam. Love it

readiandnot3168d ago

Do you own any of these yet?

deno3168d ago

I own all of these + ghost squad. I love rail shooters.

Shnazzyone3168d ago

Wonder if coffeewith games will ever get a few developer contacts so they can stop just posting stuff anyone can get from the nintendo channel. I'll be honest(and i know you guys read this stuff) you need to start making some actual connections for real sources. Just contact the press department of any devloper they should at least be able to set it up so you recieve their press releases when they get em'. At this point your stuff is starting to feel slightly lazy/spammy.

You seem smart, posting nintendo channel numbers is somewhat lame and actually doesn't really qualify as news IMO. I mean the problem with rentals is they skew the numbers vastly.

BTW, best rail shooter for the system at this point is RE: Darkside Chronicles followed close second by Overkill... damn that game kicks ass.