MGS: Peace Walker PSP Now Available for Pre-Order

PSLS writes:

Among the most hyped titles of 2010 stands a handheld game in production by the famed creator of Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima himself. Titled Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, this hot upcoming title will feature Big Boss in what Kojima originally intended to be titled Metal Gear Solid 5. Now that the game is nearing release, a brand-new PlayStation Portable has been announced and is ready for pre-order.

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DarkBlood3167d ago

so wait its coming in june 8 and not may ?

Lionhead3167d ago

Yeah it got delayed again :(

I was so excited tbh lol Oh well, more polish is always welcome.

One of my most anticipated, so I can pick up my PSP again

DarkBlood3167d ago

ah ic well guess thats 2 games to get in may instead of 3

TANUKI3167d ago

Good to know... but I'll be waiting for the PSP-3000 bundle.