Demo for NCAA Football 08 now available on Xbox 360 Markeplace

EA Sports NCAA Football 08 sees its demo released on the Xbox 360 Marketplace. Features USC vs Michigan.

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BrotherSic4001d ago

any confirmation about this yet? is it available in the UK?

sjappie4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

if you have an US-account you can download it from Europe. Atleast I could from Holland, so I guess you can to.
There also is a Devil May Cry trailer on the US marketplace.

BrotherSic4001d ago

thanks for checking, will probably have to create a us account then. I am not actually sure if they release NCAA in europe, anyone know for sure?

ben hates you4001d ago

i would rather have OSU vs MICHIGAN

OrangutanNipple4001d ago

And the first thing I noticed was how smooth the gameplay was at 60 FPS. They also have gotten rid of the cutscenes before the snap, which isn't a bad move really. The one thing I didn't like (but it may have just been a coincidence) was that there were a lot of fumbles occurring.