Project Natal: 5 Reasons to be Excited

ResumePlay writes: Both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are getting motion control systems later this year, as most of you already know. Sony unveiled a lot of info about the Move a few weeks ago, but we have yet to get the specs on Project Natal. The PlayStation Move is a little disappointing from what we've seen, but we're crossing our fingers that Project Natal fares better. The details we have so far are not final, since Natal is still being produced and finalized, but from what we know, we do have some reasons to hope. Here are the 5 things that should get you excited, or at least hopeful, about Microsoft's motion controller.

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Anon73493167d ago

If anything Natal is really disappointing. You can't even play "real" full games with it and looks like the only game so far that looks like it might take advantage of it is Fable 3, and I hated the first 2 with a passion.

At least the Move has a few "real" games that I can play on it, like Socom 4, Killzone 3, LBP, Resident Evil 5 and Possibly Heavy Rain.

Socom 4 was more than enough to warrant a PS Move Purchase, so I have high hopes for the Move.

Apocalypse Shadow3167d ago

first,know that i like the concept of natal.just not microsoft's PR hype machine that targets everyone for demo that isn't a core gamer.sure,natal is not for the core.but to bring in casuals.but by now,you would think they would have shown some GAMES.right?they did announce first.RIGHT?even developers at GDC didn't get to look at it.strange isn't it?

for all those that say ps3 gamers have to wait for games,why are we waiting for over a year just to see results of this "new paradigm" in gaming that was shown first and over a year ago?do we have to wait just like xenon's graphics power?we are going on 5 years waiting on that.

but anyway,anyone seen the last video in Spain?did you notice the space they needed to play the ball game?let's look again?here's the link:

how many gamers have that much space to play?why do i say this? order for natal to SEE YOUR WHOLE BODY,you need distance.meaning more space.looks like a lot of gamers are going to have to rearrange their living rooms.and 2-4 player,better have a large size warehouse available.but EVERY demo we seen,they needed a lot of space.

second,i'm having a problem with 360 gamer's logic."you can still play natal with a controller."but microsoft's whole concept is "no controller needed."but let's add the controller just for do this,makes natal not even necessary for release.see this:

if almost every 360 console comes with a headset,voice command can be done on it.and since natal is more software than hardware,then why not use Vision cam?sony's pseye can do head tracking and voice.even the eyetoy did it.i would think Vision can need for natal.if sony did hand swipes with games on ps2 with a regular web cam,shouldn't Vision cam be able to navigate the XNE with motion software?i would think so after seeing this:

natal becomes less needed.sure it adds depth.but most of what natal can do from media navigation to some games can be done on Vision,why abandon Vision Cam like xbox1 if it can do most of what natl can do?if this guy was doing this on ps2:

then natal seems more hype than a new paradigm.SOFTWARE not is just adding natal because they can't **Move** to a new game,they need to stretch this gen out.

tough being stuck in one spot when you're a company known for annual updates.