Purchase Lord of The Rings Trilogy via PSN; Get a Dynamic Theme

The much awaited trilogy of Lord of the Rings to hit Blu-Ray has finally come as the movies are now available on Blu-Ray.

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goku323593171d ago

I'm getting it on Blu Ray

JoelR3171d ago

same... I prefer the lesser compressed version by landslide.

Renewman3171d ago

I hope you two realize the movies on PSN ARE the uncompressed HD versions minus the features right? I just wish Sony had an option to let you buy all three in a bundle.

Bolts3171d ago

Hell no. They're the compressed version alright. For example I bought the PSN version of 10000 BC before I bought it on Bluray. After watching it on Bluray I'd say the difference is clear. The PSN version is inferior.

Renewman3171d ago

You didn't see that PSN offers BOTH THE HD AND SD versions. You're saying that Sony released the SD and caled it HD as well? Please.

JoelR3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

er no. SD has nothing to do with compression and neither does HD...
SD means that the movie is a 4:3 ratio picture with a 720×576 max resolution. an ED format covers between SD and HD which begins at a 16:9 aspect ratio with a min resolution of 1280x720. 4k is next resolution break and then superhivision is top format

so no... the difference is in the level of compression used on the video stream. Blu-ray discs are compressed but internet video streams are compressed even more... see the difference between a 40gig compressed version of a movie (1080p at 24fps = 9 gigs per minute uncompressed) vs the 5-7 gigs (if your lucky) on a psn downloaded hd movie (and that doesn't count the 7.1 uncompressed audio)