Spawn Kill Hands-On Preview: Frobot "Multiplaya" (PAX East)

Brittany "Molotov Cupcake" Vincent of Spawn Kill writes:

"We all know the Wii's motion controls encourage us to shake it. Fugazo's Andrew Lum (whom you may know as the "Nintendo Fanboy") kicked that notion up a notch and created a video game that's based entirely on a robot with an affinity for getting funky. Frobot, starring a glammed-up, Afro-sporting, smooooooth mutha-robot who's on a mission to reclaim his five (yes, five - he gets more action than you) ladybots from the clutches of certain evil, is just as zany as it sounds. Frobot's crisp white leisure suit metal body, his foxy red shades, and his smarmy disco-bot attitude are certainly unique. I'm not sure I can say I've ever seen a character quite like him. Fro-bot-miiiiite!"

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tigresa3141d ago

Saturday Night Fever gets robotic!

K-Tuck3141d ago

This game looks pleasing in an old-school way.

rrquinta3141d ago

I remember reading about this in NP... sounds interesting.