Videogame Roundtable Episode 7: Nintendo Doesn't Care

A late podcast due to technical issues, and once again, it's a two man team as Jonah Falcon and Richard Elliott discuss the week's events, including:

* The mass exodus from Infinity Ward
* The new Xbox Live dashboard update that enables flash drive support
* Whether older PS3 titles will get a 3D retrofit
* Alan Wake goes gold after five years
* 2.5 million suckers pay $15 for a Stimulus Package
* Reggie Fils-Aime blabs about Apple
* Gears of War 3 details emerge

All this, and Jonah reminisces about Wii Music at E3 2008, and goes completely whackadoodle about how Nintendo simply doesn't care in the outtakes.

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Seekerofthewind3170d ago

Hurt Apple fanboys taking a stab at a company that doesn't take Apple as seriously as they do, referencing an article that was using pointless figures that can be compared to the PS3/PSP with similar results (It was proven in the comments section of this site, based on the article).

Cry more?

JonahFalcon3170d ago

Now we're Apple fanboys? (Well, Richard is.) But you obviously didn't listen to the podcast.

1. I rip Apple in the podcast.
2. The "doesn't care" is in the outtakes. It's hysterical.

Seekerofthewind3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Well, I stopped listening after you seemed to be done referencing the article(s) that were poorly done at best, and then using those article references as a tool to bash Nintendo.