Ever Purchased A Game SO Bad That You Couldn't Finish It?

Paul Battani from PlatformNation writes: Let's face it. Everyone at one time or another has taken the financial plunge and bought a bad game based purely on their own delusional expectations. I'm talking a game that is so bad and has had so many negative reviews, yet for some reason you still want to buy the stinking piece of garbage because surely, it can't be that bad. A game so bad that if your console could talk, it would berate you for buying it and refuse to play the game lest its circuits get tainted with the stink of the retched game. Luckily in this day, gamers have more options to guide their game buying decisions. Often times, games will feature demos, or at the very least game play videos. Bigger drawing titles will be prominently featured on channels such as G4TV and in the various gaming magazines. Websites will also play a big part in getting the news about games out to gamers with their reviews and news stories.

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Canucks233170d ago

Still haven't finished Mercs 2 lol.

PirateThom3170d ago

My friend and I finished it in co-op, was actually awesome.

Anyway, there's games I've bought that I haven't finished, but like books, if I buy it, I will try to finish it. Usually other reasons why I don't though, even being bad won't stop (Sonic Unleashed came close, luckily my save game was lost before I could give it up from being bad).

Sunny_D3170d ago

Nah, just kidding. But, it would have to be Devil May Cry 4. Stupid, boring, repetitive music playing, backtracking made me yawn through half of it until I couldn't go on.

Lou-Cipher3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

5. Afrika
4. Army of two :40th Day
3. Tomb Raider Underworld
2. Prototype
1. Brutal Legend (biggest letdown this gen for me)

Did you make it to Chapter 11?

FF13 was a snoozer, until Chapter 11. Once you get there it really becomes a fantastic game. If you can find it in your heart to suffer through the first 10 chapters, I think you will find a completely different/wonderful experience after Chapter 10.

Blaze9293170d ago

What kind of title is that? It makes no sense.

Therealspy033170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

ff13 just couldn't hold my interest. i wanted to stop at 5 hours in...forced myself to about 15. then i thought to myself...did i really pay 60 dollars to do something i don't enjoy? so now it's collecting dust.

@lou-cipher: i think that sounds about where i was. since i have the day off tomorrow, imma take your word for it and dedicate my night to reaching this amazing transition. but let me tell you...if that little bastard, Hope, doesn't die a horrible horrible death (or a really hilarious one), then i don't see how this game can possibly redeem itself.

BiggCMan3170d ago

the only game that i havnt beatin because it was so bad was need for speed pro street, theres a few others i havnt beatin, but most of them i like. just havnt gotten around to em

Xlll3170d ago

You shouldn't have to suffer 10 chapters to finally have some fun with a game.

Arnon3170d ago

Final Fantasy XIII
Far Cry 2

cry from the sky3170d ago

the online was terrible i called my internet provider and was just tripping out on how laggy it was.

Shepherd 2143170d ago

Yea Mercs 2 was pretty awful, i never finished it either.

Anorexorcist3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

That game for me would be PO'ed for the Playstation and the 3DO.

That game was so boring (kill everything and the exit portal opens up, that's all) and the controls, graphics and too-fast movement always gave me headaches.

HolyOrangeCows3170d ago

Superman 64 - I don't know a single soul personally that has gotten past level 1.

chrisnick3170d ago


presto7173170d ago

Prototype is definately number 1. That game sucked big-time. Jumping off buildings gets boring. fast. Number 2 would be crysis. The game looked good but I lost interest quickly so I dumped it. Other games on the list would be Bayonetta (got the "superior" 360 version for my roommate's xbox; game was cheezy as f**k) and Red Alert 3.

Tony P3170d ago

Magna Carta is just about the ONLY game I've chosen not to finish.

Because it's terrible.

Darkstorn3170d ago

I'm going to get disagrees for this, but I couldn't bring myself to finish Resistance 2. I thought it was clunky, unpolished, repetitive, and the graphics were icky. The first Resistance (which I loved) was infinitely better than its lame sequel.

Other than that, only Dark Vengeance (an obscure action game from 1997) failed to get my attention past the first few levels.

ChineseDemocracy3170d ago

These games weren't even that bad, it's just that i lost interest.

1. Devil May Cry 4
2. Prince of Persia

Absolut_Turkey3170d ago

Joust. I know it's a classic, but still. Damn flying birds piss me off!

zoks3103170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

Here is one I could not finish, Beyond the Beyond, which was publish by by SCEA. Granted it was one of their first RPG's but, man memories.... the game was horrible. I think I was around 14 years old when this game came out.

It was Summer in NY, I was board, and I was craving some RPG action so I went to Electronics Boutiques (EB/Gamestop back in the day) and picked this game up. I wanted to kill myself after I got home and popped this in, after about 10 hours in I gave up.
I was pissed because my summer job only paid about $6 per hour back then, pretty good pay for a kid in high school back in 1996, anyway, I was upset because it took me a month to save up for a game just to end up buying this crap, and I could not return it because my mother only allowed me to go to the Mall once a month and I had no car, and the bus ride was a painful 2 hours from my parents house to the mall ...... lol.

I gave it away for free to a friend a few weeks later, the following week he gave it back to me and said "WTF were you thinking?" So I said to him that you can keep the game, he said "hell no I dont want that crap in my PlayStation ever again"....LMAO.

Few years later I moved out of my parents house and went on my own, the game got lost some how, now look how much it goes for on

kwicksandz3170d ago

far cry 2!

sooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring

SnuggleBandit3170d ago

This gen: Assassin's Creed 1 and just like many above me, Far Cry 2. That's pretty much it for me though.

Tachyon_Nova3170d ago

Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 is easily the worst game I own for PS3. Haven't finished it, never will.

Far Cry 2 is another one. I don't know why they even called it Far Cry, there are no similarities between 1 and 2. Ubisoft, you neutered a Crytek game, shame on you!

Mercenaries 2 is alright, but it's certainly nothing special.

Gamerbee3170d ago

Remember when they tried to compare it to inFAMOUS? lol..Kinda like Dantes inferno to God of War. Though I did finish Dantes. but was a GOW clone.

Arnon3170d ago

Lol apparently I didn't hate those games. Actually, Overlord wasn't bad, I just didn't finish it. FFXIII and Far Cry 2 weren't too great, though.

Inside_out3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

Mass effect has some of the best graphics, great/interesting characters and story...BUT...some of the worst bugs/glitches I've ever seen...just couldn't finish it...

Far cry was an incredible game for you have to take in little bites over time...One of my favorites this gen and I finished it but not all the achievements...worth playing IMO...

Lord of the rings Conquest on PS3...Good graphics....disappointing game play...Pandemic made the stellar Battlefront games but don't know what happen to this title...Pandemic is closed now...

Medal of honor Airborne...Rental, never finished the last level...decent game tho with good AI...bad spawn killing Multi-play...

War hawk...multi-player only...played a couple times...yrs ago...still sitting there...hope it's worth something...

Fable...Past and present...Kids finished it, I never did...maybe the third one...

Overlord...half-way then lost interest... bits...when I have company, everyone wants a try...never gonna finish, same thing over and over..,

Red Faction...Fun bits with crazy physics and vehicle AI, great demo...same thing over and over...maybe one day...

Viking-battle for Asgard...good graphics...maybe one day...

Kane and Lynch...wait for part 2...Bought most of my games used...usually I'll rent first to see if it's worth buying...too many games...

Any and all PSP, DS games....

Bioshock 2...Looks worse ( graphics ) that the first game which was a Masterpiece....Multi-player alot like Team fortress 2...maybe one day...

3170d ago
Beefstew4u3170d ago

Folklore. Most boring game ever, and you have to beat everything TWICE to beat the game.

Storm233170d ago

I know I will get a ton of disagrees, but I really could not get into Bioshock. I respect people saying it is their favorite game this gen and what not, but it wasn't for me. Great atmosphere...but that was it for me and that couldn't carry me past about 7 hours in. Most overrated game this gen for me actually. I really wanted to enjoy it though.

Dude4203170d ago

I'm going to have to go ahead and say Modern Warfare 2. I started playing the campaign and intended to finish it. However, with other games distracting me, I couldn't bring myself to finish that POS, I mean it's always the same damn thing. You always have to rush to the next objective because there's always a never ending wave of enemies. That scripted BS took my interest off real fast and I didn't care to finish it.

I've played its MP for maybe 2 weeks and I returned it, IW really screwed the pooch with that game.


Tekken 6
far cry 2
Assassins Creed

thats more then enough dissapointments

Noctis Aftermath3170d ago

Devil May Cry 4, i was enjoying it but then lost interest about half way through.

Lair, unbelievable bad, luckily i got it pre-owned for $19 or i'd be p1ssed.

Folklore, now while i haven't finished it i do plan on doing it at some point, i don't think it's bad... more like... not very exciting?

Disgaea 3, graphics = terrible, story = terrible, humor = horrendously terrible, gameplay is actually pretty good, but i can't play a game on gameplay alone.

likedamaster3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

First one I can remember from last gen was 50 cent's 1st game on ps2. NFS Prostreet & Bionic Commando for PC. Horrible games.

I actually liked POP the recent one. I remember maxing out the settings(on pc) and the game just looking beautiful, it let you play with a controller too.

BannedForNineYears3170d ago

Oblivion on the PS3. I'm sorry, I freaking hated that game.
And Far Cry 2, once you get to the second section you're like "There's more? Screw this".

Darkstorn3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

Bioshock took a lot of risks, especially in its narrative, and it has become a very polarizing game as a result. I understand where you're coming from, but I consider it one of my favorite games this gen because of two things - the atmosphere and the social commentary.

I admit that the shooting in Bioshock was a bit clunky (not worse than Fallout 3, though). Still, Bioshock was such a revolutionary game in so many respects that I think it deserves great praise, no matter how much you might feel impartial to some of the gameplay elements.

As for the game's message, game developers need to have balls of steel to tackle Ayn Rand-style libertarianism and come out unscathed (mostly due to the rabidity of that particular ideology...)

aaron58293170d ago

although i finished it... i struggled.. not because it's tough.. it's boring as hell !

nix3170d ago

now that was one hell of a boring game. 10/10? like really???

i haven't finished inFamous either but that's because the game is so freaking huge. finishing one city itself took me eternity. lol. q:

mal_tez923170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

Got bored about 5 hours in. That was a very boring week.

Also Far Cry 2 and MW2 campaign.

And Dragon age just lacked any kind of fun.

Lykon3170d ago

I did enjoy gtaIV very much at times but once i'd unlocked the 2nd island stopped playing it the friends mobile phone calls irritated me,

heavy rain ...omg what a waste of time and money

theEnemy3170d ago

you couldn't understand simple english ?

brianpk803170d ago

Agreed with the poster above who said Magna Carta. I'm thinking of the original Magna Carta for PS2. I didn't read anything about it online just saw it in the store and thought it would be a good fit with my tastes since I like JRPGs and like finding neat things outside of the mainstream. I felt like I knew the big surprise 3 hours into the story; it was too obvious. Couldn't justify sitting through it.

(Dis)Honorable mention would go to Dark Cloud. Unfortunately, I did finish it since it was one of my first PS2 games and I was excited to have the system back when it was new.

Ocelot5253169d ago

rascal on the PS1(the most frustrating controls i've ever known)


final fantasy X-2

motorstorm 1 on the PS3(fun for 1 hour, than it's booooooorrriiiiinnnnngggg)

bnaked3169d ago

It was really hard to finish Tomb Raider Underworld and Modern Warfare 2. It was a turture.

But the only game which i havn't finish is "The Getaway". Frustrating piece of sh!t and a huge disappointment..

hay3169d ago

@Lou-Cipher: Yeah, I gave up in 12th chapter.

Shadow Flare3169d ago

Final Fantasy 12 - bored me

Resistance 2 - completed the first but some of the set pieces in R2 were ridiculous and I got sick of dying again and again and again. And im not a rubbish gamer

Oblivion - I guess its not my type of game but its one of the worst games i've ever played. I thought it was absolute crap. I guess im a jrpg person and not a wrpg person but I thought oblivion on ps3 was awful. The first game in my life i've ever sold. I always keep all my games but I didn't want that thing in my house

NegativeCreepWA3169d ago

Vampire Rain, I didn't even finish the tutorial.

AssassinHD3169d ago

I put in over 100 hours playing Mercs 2 actually. I played through once by myself, and then twice with the same save file getting a friend of mine through his game.

duplissi3169d ago

enchanted arms.....(worst game ive ever played) *shudder*

alone in the dark....


goldeneye rogue agent....

lair... wasnt horrible but i just didnt care about beating it.

gears of war... while fun it also didnt give me a reason to give a shi* about beating it



stalker shadow of chernobyl.... controls were far too jittery had a hard time even getting past the first mission which really pisses me off because i really want to play it.

Brewski0073169d ago

Well at least one. . . Infinite undiscovery for me. Square-enix really dropped the ball on that one. Utter let down.

novcze3169d ago

My biggest mistake was Formula 1 `98. F1 `97 was great, but they changed developer from Bizzare Creations to Visual Science and result was horrible.

Christopher3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Mercs 2 is one of the games I just can't get into as well. Another one is Ironman. Ironman was only $10 when I bought it, but it's not even worth that much.

The one game I was surprised I just didn't like was Braid. So much critical acclaim and general like by the gamers, I just didn't see what was so good about it. Got the first stage finished completely and the trophy and went... I'm just not having fun playing this and haven't been back since then.

On the DS there was Superman Returns... talk about one of the worst games I've ever played.

IrishAssa3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

FFXIII, People say it gets good at chapter 11 but I got to chap 11 and it was just the same thing except it wasn't on one path, Fight fight fight fight fight. So boring the game was. I put it down during Chapter 11 and haven't played it since .

A few more games too, Far cry 2, Gta4,

forcefullpower3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

That has to be the worst game I have played in ages. Even my friends watching me play it where utterly bored by it.

Edit: Also Prototype I felt like throwing my pc out of the windows it was that mind numbing.

JsonHenry3169d ago

Just this gen -

Gears of War 2 - not a bad game, just not for me.

Command and Conquer 4 - BIGGEST.LETDOWN.EVER.

Supreme Commander 2 - Gimped so bad due to "consolization"

Heavy Rain - again, not a bad game, just not for me. (my wife liked it though)

Just Cause 1/2 - just can't get into it. Sorry.

Dragon Age: Origins - great RPG from what little I played, but the graphics even on PC were so bad I could not get into the game. I actually plan on sucking it up and beating this one eventually though.

Lost Planet - what a snooze fest.

Dead Rising - I enjoyed it for about 2 days then it just got old.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - I only had the Wii to play this on, and I HATED using the Wii-mote to play this game. Otherwise I would have finished it.

Christopher3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Plan on a lot of sucking, then. I played it on the PC and it too me a good 60-70 hours to finish the game on one playthrough.

I _really_ hate the trophies/achievements for this game as they require you to play through the game a few times to get them, which is just such a mindless time waster since the only different elements are the beginning and end, really. Everything inbetween is very repetitive the second time through.

I very much enjoyed the RPG aspect of the game, though, and will play through it at least once on my PS3 prior to moving on to Awakenings.

BYE3169d ago

I don't know really if it's bad though it's just so freaking hard and complicated with the controls I never passed the first level lol.

Siren is not bad btw. It's the second best horror game this gen after Dead Space, you just have to appreciate japanese horror.

nycredude3169d ago

Splinter Cell Double Agent I got rid off before I finished it. Not that bad but I took too long and played some awesome games so when I went back it was outdated and I just couldn't get into it. That is also why I don't understand the hype for SC:C. didn't the same people also make Double Agent?

DavidMacDougall3169d ago

Dragon Rising! Game was a mess, i ain't ever going to get a shooter from CM again.

Sarcasm3169d ago

I hate to say it, but Folklore was definitely one of those. I tried and tried and tried. It ended up so boring it just sits collecting dust. And it's not even worth trading in.

jeseth3169d ago

Assassin's Creed (Boring, Repetitive)
DJ Hero (Cool at first, but they blend too many of the same songs)
Devil May Cry 4 (What happened to this amazing franchise?)
Fight Night Round 4 (Analog Sticks for punching sucked).
Bayonetta (Dmc 4 with T%$ts)
Brutal Legend (....crickets ....)
Overlord 2 (1st one was hiliarious, 2nd one was like beating a dead horse).

andron3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Not this gen anyway. Mercenaries 2 was very disappointing. All the bugs and subpar graphics, annoying play mechanics killed it. Played it solo though, but doubt I would enjoy it any more in coop.

Also Genji: Days of the Blade, I had to give up on. The game wasn't to bad, if it wasn't for the game crippling camera. It made it impossible for me to finish that game. Too bad, because I enjoyed the previous game in the series Genji: Dawn of the Samurai. Both had a great fighting system, but with the camera ruining it in Days of the Blade. You can't counter and dodge if the camera won't let you see your enemies.

One that stands out is Death By Degrees on PS2, I hated that game. I knew it was bad from the reviews, and I got it dirt cheap, but boy was it bad and annoying.

I have a pretty high threshold when it comes to bad games and have finished a lot of bad games, but I usually find some small redeeming qualities to make me see it all the way through. I have actually platinumed Alone In the Dark and Tomb Raider: Underworld. Not great games, but certainly not the worst I have played. Very easy to platinum too, so that helped motivate me.

Not that trophies helped me with Mercenaries 2, I had traded it in long before that patch was out.

Pennywise3169d ago


are my best examples this gen.

UnSelf3169d ago

Whoever couldnt finish awesome games like Mercs 2 or Prototype are simply wierdos

ico923169d ago

Fallout 3 so overrated all you do in that game is walk ,have awkward conversations with NPC's and walk some more i got so bored with walking in a wasteland i just stopped playing the game all together, amazingly boring.

mikepmcc3169d ago

Mirror's certainly isn't a "bad" game, but I got up to the last chapter and couldn't get the motivation to finish it.

CrazedFiend3169d ago


It wasn't difficult or anything. I just found myself trying to push my interest enough to get through the story and just was not having ANY fun. Any fun that I had in the other games of the series (going on crime sprees, driving like mad through the cities) was just not there.

Sadly, I TRULY believe that game's Metacritic score was created through gaming politics and not the game itself.