Sony to Ban Warhawk Tournament Cheaters?

Dylan Jobe, LightBox Interactive president and the "father of Warhawk", revealed via his Twitter account that some Warhawk players might find themselves banned from the PlayStation Network after padding their stats in the latest Warhawk tournament.

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MGOelite3047d ago

this is still one of my favorite games

rroded3047d ago

put in a thousand hours+ in the past 3 years n the games still going strong!

here to perma bans for all them cheats lol at them having ta buy new ps3's

LordMarius3047d ago

"at them having ta buy new ps3's"

......umm why?

MGOelite3047d ago

sony can block your entire console from connecting with PSN so you cant even make a new account. very very rare though

Sunny_D3047d ago

They had another tournament??? I was in the first WH GGl tournament. I got the ceremonial blade, my team was number 5.

cLiCK_sLiCK93047d ago

Lol..I just recently downloaded the Warhawk Demo and it lets me play on the tournament severs for free! All maps besides the DLC.

Commander TK3047d ago

campers & tank f***ers too

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NateNater3047d ago

Good. Every cheater deserves banning. Cheaters only ruin good games anyway.

JoelR3047d ago


maniacmayhem3047d ago

He cant make that type of decision, he's just a offense.

NateNater3047d ago

By saying "He" are you referring to me? lol

RedPawn3047d ago

It's lines from the movie Aliens.

I guess I should finish it "None taken", in response to Maniac.

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gtamike1233047d ago

yeah cheaters online suck.

BBCnewsrocks3045d ago

So am I right in assuming that you don't mind playing with cheaters?

Hotel_Moscow3047d ago

sony blocking youre hacks son

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The story is too old to be commented.