Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games Wii, DS Screens

Finally, the first-ever screenshots of Mario and Sonic together at last, at the Olympic Games.

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Jaws Jr4024d ago

These are the kinda games that will shine on Wii.. Let them come..

Crotin4024d ago

Eh I'm sorry but...I think this game's gonna suck. It should have been some kind of adventure game, not a track and field olympic game...that's what Wii sports is for.

Observer4024d ago

I don't like Sonic ending that way, being a simple "sidekick" and "filler" character in a Mario game.

FFS, it's SONIC. Move yer asses Sega and make a decent game for him.

I hope he doesn't get featured in Mario Brawl...

ChickeyCantor4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

this is due the OLYMPICS, mario+sonic = mass seller.
its not a side kick or a filler.
this is actually Sega VS Nintendo concept.

and i also do hope he stays away from BRawl, no matter how hard people want it i really dont think Sonic should be in there T_T.
but thats my opinion.

Its a Mario and Sonic game not just Mario.

scarlett_rg4024d ago

Hmmm... cool. Looks like with WiiConnect24 it could have dynamic Olympic/World records. (9.77s and 9.84s in 100m are the current WR/OR times.)

Shadow Flare4024d ago

wouldn't sonic win at 100m sprints everytime?

M_Prime4023d ago

no cause Mario is on Steriods Silly.. and then Sonic had his legs broken.. so u know how it goes lol..

looks like a fun party game.. and c'mon its been like over 10 years that we've been waiting for MARIO VS SONIC... back in NES and GENSIS DAYS.. its been a long time coming..

and SEGA is making this game.. Miyamoto is just supervising but i belive all coding is done by sega..