TheBitBag: Video Game Warzone #84

On this episode of the Warzone:

Ninety Nine Nights 2
Crysis 2 and how the PC version was dumbed down
Gears Of War 3
Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer
New Alan Wake footage
iPad bulls#!*
iPhone 4.0

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OOG3144d ago

Was a pretty funny episode... ran pretty long to... enjoy.. there were lots of laughs to go around.

HueyNewton20083144d ago

Bunch of no lifers , and one extremely obese narcissist pretending to be a journalist. GOS step your game is far more entertaining. its funny cuz HHG gets 90% of the shine and has more cred then the whole bitbag crew lol. Oh yea i didn't listen to the "podcast" cough cough whining for 3 fking hours but how long did they bash HHG for? lol.

OOG3144d ago

funny they never did bash anyone in the podcast... pays to listen..actually... I don't remember there being any real arguing whatsoever in this episode... nothing worth noting

But I remember you... your the whiny one that acts like he has a life... and yet trolls still.....

Next time if you dont like it... just dont look at it... its that easy.

socomnick3144d ago

I have pooped out turds smarter than HHG.

blusoops3144d ago

Geeeezzz. Like OOG says, if you don't like it move on.
On Topic: This is one of my all time favorite podcasts...been listening since episode 20-something, when it was only HHG and Torrence Davis.

Also, Torrence has always said he prefers his 360, but that doesn't make him a fanboy. Just like HHG prefers his PS3. This podcast is pure entertainment!

tordavis3143d ago


Still jealous I see.

*smiles and fades into the night...

ASSASSYN 36o3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

Your educated????
"Why the fk would care about what HHG is doing? If you were so relaxed you wouldnt be on N4G hating on people you dont even fking know. Get real man, ur prolly just some poor wounded vet that was dumb enough to join the military. STFU, go outside and make some friends or meet a female. Uncle Tom"

UIncle Tom and a Hater
"Your a hater bra!! and pathetic." (Here in the first message HueyNewton2008 was building up his courage)

^^^ Proof any idiot has access to the internet. You little kids need to grow up. I do not care about your opinion. If you dislike mine... then counter it with a logical educated statement and actual words used in the English language or ignore me. Do not send me messages which includes words you do not know the definition too. (Uncle Tom)-

Apparently, I systematically hindered and betrayed my race by criticizing a terrible wanna-be journalists who is not knowledgeable of my hobby and pretends to know what he is talking about. As a loyal active consumer of video games I deserve to receive the clear and precise reviews of games that have journalistic integrity behind them. Not made up reviews a child with crayons could form. So no little boy I am not an uncle tom, and yes my woman as fine. Yes I am a disabled vet and served my country proudly and honorably with INTEGRITY. Something you will obviously never accomplish.

And to be an Avionics Technician in the Air Force for the F-22 raptor, Rq-1 predator drone, and F-16 requires a year of school before I ever arrived at my assigned base. They (Air Force) don't let stupid people be responsible for millions of dollars worth of the most advanced technology on the planet.

I would be surprised if you could write your name correctly. You are pathetic and beneath me. Have fun high speed. I am and will remain better than you and the sad fact is you know it.

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GiantEnemyCrab3144d ago

Torrence is the man!

Always enjoy this podcast.

Love the battles between Tor and HHG. Nice to get some counterpoint.

the worst3144d ago

Torrence is a super 360 fanboy
the only thing he knows is old games

Stationfan3143d ago

Good show, its become less biased too, in fact Torr actually considers buying the ps3 version of a game for once. Even though he will eventually end up buying the 360 version but atleast now he takes it into consideration.

OOG3143d ago

well it all depends on the game.. which makes sense... some games work better to certain people on certain systems... also the controllers come into play... but most people on the show have all the systems and play games on each of them.