Console Failure Rate 500,000 People Surveyed

No Fuss Reviews says: "Our initial survey conducted in 2009 used a sample size of 1,000 participants. After this survey was concluded we began collecting results for our 2010 survey. As before we randomly presented a survey to visitors coming from a search engine after searching for a console specific game. After 500,000 surveys were completed for each of the three major console platforms the results were compiled as below. We used email addresses and session limiters to try and eliminate duplicate submissions. Questions were presented based on previous answers and '[console]' would have been the full name for the console. Results have been rounded to the nearest whole figure, answers are positive percentiles (yes)."

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FangBlade3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Wow almost 50% failure rate for the 360.
Microsoft really messed up lol.

Joule3142d ago

its gonna get hot in here...

kalebgray923142d ago

but wasnt surveyed.... and yeah its going to get hot here

FangBlade3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

I wonder what's the PS3 slim failure rate, if it has any.

Raf1k13142d ago

For people who don't have an Xbox I think stats of just the new models would be useful to have as it would show just how much more reliable the new models are. Might even convince some people to pick one up (myself included).

BulletToothtony3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

IMO the problem is the lack of airflow.. i honestly believe that until the design of the 360 it's changed in AND out we won't be seeing much of a change.

Their rush to come out first truly cost them. I'm sure they're still making a profit but can you imagine if the 360 didn't have any issues. Holy crap, they would be making the big bucks.

As a business owner, whenever you go cheap on something, it always comes back and bites you in the @ss, MS should've known better.

-MD-3142d ago

I'm on my 5th 360 I think... I still haven't paid a cent since launch so I don't care. Hopefully next gen they'll be more reliable.

HolyOrangeCows3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

You can argue the actual percentages.

But you can't argue that they're way too high.

3142d ago
Lifendz3142d ago

I hope when MS sits back and assesses what went right and what went right with the 360 they attribute a large degree of what went wrong to 360 hardware failures. And I'm not saying PS3s don't malfunction; all hardware has some sort of failure rate. But this....this has gotta be viewed as simply unacceptable.

Mo0eY3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

If I dumped a crapload of money on a console, I'd hope it to be the best. Microsoft scammed a lot of people with their product, and that is one reason why I'll never give them my money. I do not feel sorry for the majority of people who have RRoDs because they most know what they bought - a 3 year warranty and a faulty console.

Case in point: darkride66, Murderdolls, kalebgray92, Doletskaya, [fill in the name for most n4g Xbox console owners]

Sunny_D3142d ago

Damn, The last time I saw that number was on a test back when I was in school.

4Sh0w3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Yeah 42% is terrible, but I've heard alot of different figures thrown around, and I'm not sure of the reliability of any survey where the only criteria is just anyone who searched for a console specific game online and probably the only way to prevent duplicates is by verifying gamertags, psn accounts, wii logins etc.

At any rate everybody and their brother knows whatever the actual defect rate was for the launch 360's it was far too high, my educated guess is probably at least 30%. I'm just glad microsoft was forced to do something and the warranty was a good faith move on their part and most importantly they made some changes that makes the current 360's alot more reliable.

Also Darkride you make some intelligent comments but why do you always sound so one sided? I mean you blast microsoft as if they are the devil and then you gloss over sony's mistake with ps2 as if it almost never happened, in fact its fair to note that reports of ps2 "disc read errors" go back as far as Christmas of 2000, but you act as if sony immediately reacted, fixed every by ps2's immediately and gave out free games out of the kindness of their hearts, NO sony finally caved to the pressure and only then settled the lawsuit in Nov of 2005, also a $25 check doesn't cover the cost of a new ps2, sony settled which gave them different **options** for compensating consumers=
"gamers who have recently purchased, repaired, or lost the use of an affected PS2 are eligible to receive a check for $25 ($31 Canadian), a free PS2 game from a specified list, or a free or reduced cost repair or replacement (at SCEA's discretion) of an affected system."

Alot gamers simply paid for repairs or brought a 2nd, 3rd ps2 with no compensation whatsover.

Persistantthug3142d ago


KOTAKU = 66% http://cache.gawkerassets.c...

No Fuss Reviews = 42%

On top of that, we also know that when XBOX 360 was sampled on assembly lines before launch, they were as high as 66% failure.

I think its safe to say that at least 50% of every owner since Nov 2005 has had a failing XBOX 360....and that's being conservative.

3142d ago
-Alpha3142d ago

I really want to see numbers for Jasper models only to see how much hardware has improved.

It's such a disappointment for the 360 and it's quite shameful that it took them this long. In all honesty if there was a hardware issue like RRoD MS should have stopped production and fixed the issue. It took them like 2 years for Jasper to come out. Anyways, it's a good thing that I'm covered for three years for RRoD. The 360 is so unreliable but I couldn't pass up on its exclusives anymore.

Persistantthug3142d ago

Because Jasper has only been selling in retail XBOX 360's for 1 year almost on the dot.

As per this survey, and Game Informer, and Kotaku, they aren't asking if you product breaks in 1 year, or 2 years....not even 3. They are asking if you have EVER had a broken 360 since Nov. 2005.

Personally, I'm convinced that number is at least 50% minimum.

-Alpha3142d ago

Yeah, I know. My main worry is if I bought the 360 too early. Jasper eased my tension, and at worst I have a 3 yr. warranty.

I've been wanting to see stats for Jasper for a while now. The 360 is a great gaming console, I love XBL, the community-enriched features, and the exclusive games are great. But the hardware is such a deal-breaker. I'm more at ease now because if my console does ever break I can rely on the PS3, or even better, I can get some fresh air and go outside. I just don't like the idea of constantly being alert with a 360, it's extremely annoying waiting for the console to bust.

Anon19743142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

In fact, at the end of my post I mentioned what happened with the PS2. The two main differences here were that the PS2 problem happened last console gen and eventually Sony fixed the problem and compensated owners affected by the fault when they settled their court case. Personally, I never experienced the problem nor did I know anyone who did. My launch PS2 was still running fine the day I traded it in towards the purchase of a PS3.

My comments may seem one sided but that's simply coming from my experiences. I can't speak to the frustration of owners of faulty PS2 consoles because I don't know anyone who went through it nor did I go through it myself. With the 360, I've experienced it and every single 360 owner I personally know has experienced it at least once. That's why I speak from that point of view. I know something about it.

And at the end of the day, what the hell does it matter what Sony did? Yelling "Look over there! Sony!" doesn't absolve Microsoft from what they're doing NOW! Every time I discuss the 360's issues I'm not going to discuss issues Sony had with the PS2, or the Xbox's faulty power cord, or having to blow dust off cartridges back in the day because these cases aren't relevant to the topic at hand. Simply by not bringing up Sony's past struggles does not mean I absolve them of any negligence in the past - I do it because the specifics aren't relevant to the topic being discussed. You want me to say Sony made a bad? Sony made a bad. Feel better? Does that mean Microsoft is off the hook now for what they've put me and millions of other gamers through?

morganfell3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Currently have my last 360...ever - number 5. And it's my second HALO edition. The first one came with a Play and Charge kit that was dead right out of the box. Refurb number 2 from my original Pro model was also DOA.

I have DRM issues that were solved over a year late. That was nice since no one was playing those XBL titles or DL map packs that were affected. Some of the DRM issues are around to this day and I was never reimbursed for some of my Live down time (1 month of 3)

Captain Tuttle3142d ago

Thanks for sharing Morganfell.
Anyway, mid to high 40% sounds about right to me. Pathetic.

pixelsword3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

After Halo: Reach, I'm just going to see if I can play mostly on my cousin's 360 from now on, since I do all of my 360 multiplayer gaming on his 360 anyways; I'll never have a 360 account then, but I can live with it as long as I get some Halo: Reach time in. If my fat PS3 dies, I'm going to get a slim and be pissed-off about it. My cousin doesn't want to buy a PS3 right now, so that'll be all me. Maybe I'll mod my slim and give it the fat PS3's shell if my fat PS3 breaks down, who knows.


360: Free, Free
PS3: $150, Free

And since neither one of them gives me a check, I don't pull punches when I feel like talking about it.

Morgue3142d ago

My friend has had 5 in 5 years and between him, one other person and myself we've had 9 the 360's since launch.

right and wrong3142d ago

The problem is MS has not come out and said we have finally fixed the issue but once very quietly. If there is a redesign coming then surely MS has done proper testing this time I hope. I'm seriously hoping at E3 they come clean and tell us problem solved. We have 5 360's in my house and only one (thank god)has had rrod issues. Now it's good they fix them for free but what ticks me off is how they don't repair 2 red lights for free. Since 360 has issues then anything that goes bad should be repaired for free no questions asked. When it comes to this issue 360 fans should be thankful to loud mouth PS3 fans for standing up. Without them I think MS would be getting away with so much unnoticed.

PaLaK-3142d ago

I'd like to see figures for the new ps3 slim models, and new xbox360 jaspers to see if there are any changes, if the 360s are more reliable, and if the ps3s are more reliable..

Nobody would expect the wii to fail as its seen as casual gamers, casual gamers don't play as much as hardcore 360/ps3 gamers, and the console isn't even hd, so it's last gen tech...

-MD-3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

I should add that while I'm on my 5th 360 that I got repaired for free 4 times I actually had to buy 4 separate PS2's last gen from disc read errors which was probably upwards of a grand.

It blows my mind how this wasn't made a big deal last gen with the PS2 because everybody I know went through at least 2 of them. The PS3 seems to be of higher quality as I'm still on my first one since 2008.

bioshock12213142d ago

Well that is kinda dumb they just put a poll on their website and people voted so I'm sure it's not accurate. Fanboys probably rigged the poll like always.

Sheikh Yerbouti3142d ago

It is like Sony and Microsoft has switched places from last gen.

Anon19743142d ago

There was zero need to buy a new PS2 with the read problems it had. Open up the console and there was a small screw beside the laser. All you had to do was give that a little tweak and you were back in business.

I hate to hear you wasted a grand on a problem that was so easily solved.

3142d ago
gaffyh3142d ago

My 360 failed twice, first time DRE, second time RROD (which MS didn't fix so I had to do it myself). My PS3 got YLOD once.

Surprisingly my PS2 lasted for a long time, I even bought it second hand. It did start having DREs towards the end of the PS2 lifecycle, but instead of being an idiot and buying another PS2, I opened it up and bent the laser arm down a little, and it worked better than it did before!

4Sh0w3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

"@ 4Sh0w. I never glossed over the PS2's problems. They simply aren't relevant to what's going on NOW."

Well its understandable that you're more angry with microsoft than with sony, afterall you say you or nobody you know ever had a problem with their ps2, which frankly I find quite astonishing since I've had a very different experience, actually everyone I know who owned a ps2 did NOT have a problem with it but as I recall quite a few of us did have problems with disc read errors. At any rate I think its relevant only because it adds perspective and I think it would be naive to suggest that when discussing console reliability of any console that past gen hardware problems should not be referenced, if for no other reason but to add context to the discussion which suggest that a console can start out with hardware problems but eventually recover from it and go on to do well just like the ps2 did, even though sony to this day officially has not admitted there was ever a problem= settle the lawsuit without admitting any guilt. Also we are all guilty of being off-topic on n4g, myself included and as I've seen your comments in other non-related threads about your problems with 360, but again thats the nature of n4g, every Natal thread brings on the inevitable move comparison, and on and on. I guess I've just been unlucky for the most part with consoles which makes me rather desensitized to hardware issues:

Atari: stop working, don't know why
NES: after 3 or 4 yrs cartidges had to be place in as if I were performing brain surgery to get them to work
Sega: just stop working completely
Super NES: blowing the damm cartidges over and over again
Dreamcast: no problems
PS2: disc read error
gamecube: no problems
xbox: no problems
xbox 360: 1 RROD
ps3: no problems

Still its worth noting out of all the consoles I had problems with the 360 is the only one that never cost me a dime for repairs or another console and I got it back in like 12 days, although I did sell my original 20gig and brought a Elite, no problems. So I'm glad consumers spoke out on the issue which forced microsofts hand for compensation.

edit, OK darkride, thanks for an intelligent and objective response.

Anon19743142d ago

You're right. Looking at past console issues can provide us with some needed perspective at times. However, your criticism of my post seemed to indicate that I was somehow giving Sony a pass for simply not mentioning the problems they had with early PS2's. That's simply not the case.

The focus of my post was to share my own experiences with the 360. For that, no references to historical problems with other consoles was required. This is Microsoft's problem and they have yet to compensate those who have gone through it or to fix the problem. I actually came up with an idea on how they might compensate owners while in the shower this morning, but I'm not quite ready to share it yet as I think it'll make a great article for my site,
Remember kids, that's Subatomic Mutant Gamers, or!

SixZeroFour3142d ago

not to take anything away from these results...a large base surveyed, does give a better predicted percentage HOWEVER, you still have to question WHO took the survey

IF they made ppl submit their VALID gamertags upon completing the poll/survey to ensure you even own a 360 AND that you only completed the poll/survey once, THEN and probably only then would i really accept ANY poll/survey results

besides that tho, im not ignoring the fact that the numbers ARE infact high, and unacceptable, im still not going to take any numbers in until its totally an unbias (probably not possible) poll/survey

one way to do this, is by microsoft offering a similar poll on the dashboard itself, that way they can track the gamertag that submitted the results, and keep you from doing it more than once...doubt they would ever do that tho, even if they did, that wouldnt stop multiconsoles owner sony loyalist from making multiple silver accounts and skewing the numbers, unless they did it by tracking specific console ids

-MD-3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

"@ murderdolls. Didn't you read the guides?"

I was like 12 years old when I had my PS2 so... I'm 19 now so I would probably we aware of something like that but back then not so much. It probably wasn't a grand more around 6 or 700 because one of them was bought used.

3142d ago
The Lazy One3142d ago

The new models of 360 have smaller chip sizes which should completely change how much airflow is needed to stay cooler. There was obviously an airflow problem with the first iteration, but cooler running chips might make this a non-issue in new 360's.

I'm surprised M$ hasn't released any failure percentages for newer models just to get away from the bad press. It can't be any worse.

Also, were the 3-4 model stats really necessary? If they got that far in the survey it's not really statistically important anymore. 6% of 33% of 50% of 44% is like <1%

kneon3142d ago


Seeing the Jasper numbers won't tell you much, unless they show a really high failure rate, which I find unlikely. Usually with electronics, if it does fail right away then you're good for a while. And if it is a cumulative overheating effect that is the issue, then it will not only depend on time, but usage as well.

We'll only know in a year or two whether the latest units have significantly lower failure rates, right now it's just too early to tell.

Same goes for the PS3 slim, we'll have to wait for that as well.

DaTruth3142d ago

That's real sad! I had the disk read error on my PS2 and Sony offered to fix it for free. I didn't want to wait for shipping so I took it to the game store and they fixed it for $30!

Then I just started vacuuming the vents regularly like the manual said and my PS2 still works to this day! 7 years without a problem.

Dance3142d ago

How many of them 500,000 surveys taken were telling that the truth?

jonnydize3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )


Bubble Buddy3142d ago

I'm starting to think that it's more like a 95% failure rate. All of them eventually break down. My friend whose 360 was fine for 4 years just broke down 2 weeks ago. He was the only one out of all my friends whose 360 didn't break yet. One by one they break down... Come on MS, I'd but a 360 but that failure rate is too high, and I'm unlucky on electronics lasting a long time.

ruiner44823142d ago

PS2 DRE was such an easy fix. Pop it open and clean off the lens tighten the screw. Bam fixed. gamefaqs 4tw.

EvilBlackCat3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

i said a month ago that we are going to start seeing RROD blogs/news/articles from biased sites posted here by no any other than PS3 loyalists just before Alan Wake & Halo Reach Beta been released.


Just watch the same at October / Novemeber

Funny to see loyalists here leaving their so classic stories about one of his friends xbox360 break...

THIS kind of comments
"My friend whose 360 was fine for 4 years just broke down 2 weeks ago. He was the only one out of all my friends whose 360 didn't break yet. " CLASSIC!

Lykon3142d ago

has anyone with a 360 ever not had it break? I don't know anyone with one that has worked for longer than 3 months

SixZeroFour3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

@Lykon - really...3 months?!?! who you trying to kid? not knowing a single person that has had his/her 360 last longer than 3 months, either im taking this too literally, or you dont know how to give a realistic example

i can speak for myself in saying that my xbox hasnt broke down on me YET...and ive had it since a little before gears 1 (i was having plenty of fun with halo 2 and the original xbox that i didnt need to get it till i saw gears) and i can say i easily game about 30+ hours a week

Syronicus3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

There is no denying this one, the 360 is by far and wide the biggest pile of crap ever to have hit the market. It has some great games but it is beyond me as to how MS could have allowed a hardware failure like the 360 to ever hit the market.

Dance - "How many of them 500,000 surveys taken were telling that the truth?"

Even after seeing a sample of 500,000 people there are still fanboys that will argue the fact. Even if there was a 50% failure rate in the sample of this poll, the 360 would still be over 5 times the industry standard. Would that make you happier? Not me.

Christopher3142d ago

I must be one of the luckiest people when it comes to gaming hardware. I have never had a console fail on me, not my day 1 PS2 or my year 2 360.

I think it would be more interesting to know the amount of use one gets on average with their console and match that up with the number of failures.

Highlife3142d ago

My PS3 fat 60 gig has YLOD fixed it for $25 the price of a heat gun. Kids Wii put circle scratches on 2 games they fixed the Wii and replaced both games for free.

@Darkride same thing happened to my fat ps2 fixed it with a screw driver.

The internet has saved me some money on repairs.

Oner3142d ago

@ Lykon ~ I know of 2 people that have launch 360's that haven't failed and only 1 with a Halo Edition that still works (but he uses it VERY little). EVERYONE else I know has been through a MINIMUM of 2 RROD's quite a few 3's and a few with 3+, I myself have had it 5 times and was one of the REALLY unlucky ones who has NEVER had one under warranty because of extenuating circumstances that lined up perfectly but against's the whole of it that I have explained before ~

When I originally purchased my launch day Xbox 360 they were only sold with a 90 day warranty and it failed just after that when RROD wasn't very well known and MS didn't cover it by the warranty back then.

So I had to wait until a fix came out and open it up myself but then later MS extended it to 1 year warranty...which still didn't help me because a) it was again AFTER my 1 year anniversary & b) because I had already opened it to fix it so I violated my terms as it was. But wait there's more ~ because to top it all off, when they extended it to 3 years I still got screwed because of my prior explanations.

This is why I have a RIGHT to speak my mind about Microsoft and their 360. Just as many hundreds of thousands and even MILLIONS of people do. We were sold a faulty product that Microsoft KNOWINGLY allowed to be put out there just for the sake of nothing more than to stake their claim this gen. Whereas other console manufacturers who have had problems (NES, DC, PS1, PS2 etc.) just made their product to sell and over time of plain usage they would break. A totally different thing than what MS has done.

And it is absolutely inexcusable, but the F'ed up thing is that's what Microsoft is known for since FOREVER and they get a pass because of it. F that! Not with me. Thus why Microsoft doesn't get a dime more from me. Not for Windows, not for Office, not for LIVE!, not for a cell phone OS, not for Web Browsing and no more for their consoles plus what ever else they might have...Oh and BING as well too! DONE.

They are a company that was STARTED by stealing others work, they have NEVER changed their business model and they continue to the same thing over and over and over and over. The truly funny thing is that when they do things right (original Xbox, Windows 2000, XP for the most part and so far Windows 7) they, well, do it right! Which is what's so confusing ultimately...if they only did what was right by US as their customers they would really be looked at much differently and be better off as well.

/end rant

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Doletskaya3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

cause you never know when it will RROD on you *again*.

rambi803142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

I'm planning to replace my 360 with a Radeon 5850

I'll get another 360 later when it dips to about $100 - i'm still too pissed off to stomach buying another

Doletskaya3142d ago

I personally went through THREE 360s before I decided to stop punishing myself and get a PS3.No matter how many times you replace ur RROD 360 with a new one,it will break again unless you change your gaming habit to like five hours a month.

ChozenWoan3142d ago

a 5850 is a great investment.

It Runs Silky Smooth and you can enjoy Mass Effect 1&2 at their best.

rambi803142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )


LOL - that's the first game that i plan to play (already played ME1)

The Lazy One3142d ago

why would you replace it? supplement it. Selling consoles is a horrible idea. You get no money for them unless it's right after launch, and worse case scenario you have something to play with friends if they come over.

This is true of any console.

rambi803142d ago

I guess i have not explained properly

My 360 is dead

Obama3142d ago

I already have 5850. It's certainly a very good investment.

3XP3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

What controls did they use when doing this survey to verify without any doubt that those who claimed to own a specific console did in fact own that console and was not some rabid fanboy posing as the owner of a console that they didn't own.

I mean, really this is a very important security measure if you want your survey to be taken seriously. There must be controls in place.

You see posers on N4G all the time.

So, the way I see it is unless there were lock down controls in place this survey is technically invalid.

One more question, why is someone bring up this old bag again, it's been a while since the last time I heard this RROD BS surface.

Try not to judge this comment as a fanboy and truly think about it using some form of objectivity. Think about it, this survey show the PS3 breaking 8% of the time, yet still shows 1 percent breaking 3, 4, and 5 times. I really couldn't imaging a PS3 breaking 5 times. Were those numbers given by true PS3 owners or posers?

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PirateThom3142d ago

42% brings it into line with that other survey by another site, doesn't it?

feelintheflow3142d ago

42% is ridiculously high, I wonder what it is for the newer models?

ChozenWoan3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

If so has your [console] needed to be repaired or replaced more than once?
360: 55%

RedDragan3142d ago

I personally do not believe the results from this survey.

More people needed repairs TWICE than those who needed A repair? For both 360 and PS3.

Looks like thier survey was hijacked by fanboys. We can only believe official figures from the manufacturers but even that carries an element of error because not everybody goes to the manufacturer for the repairs, and with people like Aaron Greenburg constantly skewing figures to his companies advantage it looks as though The Freedom of Information Act needs to be deployed.

jmmurillo863142d ago

It says:

<<IF SO>> has your [console] needed to be repaired or replaced more than once?

Which means 42% x 55% = 23.1% of 360 consoles had to be repaired more than once.

kneon3142d ago


jmmurillo86 is correct, the numbers do make sense. But it's interesting how many people had 3 or more failures. The numbers seem a bit high given the initial failure rate. I wonder how much of that is due to environmental effects such as restricted airflow around the console or heavy cigarette use.

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Brewski0073142d ago

Thats Lol i'd like to say this is shocking..... but lets face it, its not. :)

xaviertooth3142d ago

i don't have to go to that site to see the result.

54.2% and higher is the failure rate of the gimpbox pleasefixme the garbage console of all time.

DelusionalMsBot3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

But but teh japerz unitz and teh 3 year warranty.

3142d ago
3142d ago
Prototype3142d ago

@ Madden10

HA HA HA HA my work day just gotten a lot better :D

HolyOrangeCows3142d ago

People are quick to suggest dishonesty from people claiming to have an RROD.....what about people dishonestly claiming to have NOT gotten the RROD?

Wrathman3142d ago

what the survey doesnt tell you is that ps3 fanboys will most likey lie about needing a ps3 repaired.i dont believe sony has just an 8% failure rate.i know 5 friends.personal friends.that have had blu-ray drive failure.

i had rrod once.1 year after launch.havent had it again.almost 3.5 years now.

Bill Gates3142d ago

MS has a higher FAILURE rate on the 360 than FAIL blog has FAIL videos....AHAHAHHAHAHHHAHA

avengers19783142d ago

@wrathman I'll admit to my first PS3 getting YLOD, but why is it when I tell bots that I had 2 360 RRoD on me, and when I sent them in they sent me a letter that said my problem wasn't covered by there warrenty, They tell me I don't know what I'm Talking about.

AliTheBrit193142d ago

No, No it isn't :)

54.2% was a number based on a survey a lot smaller than this, and does not in any way count for the entire fail rate.

Now we can see with a bigger survey of more people the failure rate goes down, ouch thats got to hurt your trolling methods huh? and it was an open survey, any PS3 fanboy and his dog could have filled it out, so I wouldn't count on it as a primary source of data.