Need for Speed: World - Beta Hands On - Classy Gamer

Classy Gamer features an in-depth hands-on preview of the third closed beta stage of the upcoming Free to Play Need for Speed MMORPG by Electronic Arts, including 376 high resolution pictures and an 8 minutes high resolution gameplay montage.

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Saeveth2966d ago

Interesting! This might be something I'd be interested in, as the hardcore simulations are too much for me. I'm a casual racer, I suppose.

Abriael2966d ago

It's actually really fun even for an usually hardcore simulation racer like myself. While being arcade-ish is nowhere easy. It actually requires quite some lightning-fast reflexes

LoVeRSaMa2965d ago

I used to like NFS alot, but it went abit crap, if this game is anything like Underground it should be amazing =]

NaiNaiNai2965d ago

underground *both* and undercover were the worst in the entire series.

Shift, Pro street, Most wanted, Hot pursuit, carbon, all great games.

steve30x2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Its not bad. Its more like NFS Most wanted only online. The map you play is a mix between NFS most wanted and NFS Underground 2. Also you cant modify the car like almost all recent NFS games. You can just add Vinyls and Paint the car.

Abriael2965d ago

They already said that car morphing is not yet implemented in the beta, but will be.