Gran Turismo 5 menu screens

Screen of the menu Gran Turismo 5

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sinncross3169d ago

I just hope car selection is easier... cause in prologue it always felt like a mission when wanting to choose the car you wanted to you use.

I think each race should ask which car you want to use instead forcing you to go back to the main menu to pick one that is eligible for the race. Just a thought.

Sunny_D3169d ago

I don't know dude, I kind of like it. It gives you that realistic feel where you have one car to bring with you. Because, in real life you're not going to bring all cars with you and say, hmmmmm which car should I pick for this event? You drive the one car, you came with.

Microsoft Xbox 3603169d ago

OLD. That's the CES 2010 demo.

Joe29113169d ago

Woo can't wait.. Im not sure what wheel to get.. The GT Force or G27 (G27 is kinda hard to justify the high price :/)

coolcole933169d ago

Don't tell them that! They'll spend another 3 months putting it in!

(Don't crucify me, just a joke :P)

Hotel_Moscow3169d ago

im okay for them taking another 3 months to do that if it means better game

kwicksandz3169d ago

i hope it doesnt freaken save and load everytime you select one option like in prologue. slowest, crappiest menu in a game this side of dirt 2

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BubbleSniper3169d ago

flop60 would RROD right as menu appear

too much menu in bots.

aaron58293169d ago

how come you have so many bubbles with comments like that...

but i really find your comment funny.. so, +bubbles..


CountDracula3169d ago

I waited six years for this?!

Well, at least it's a pretty menu to look at...


Sunny_D3169d ago

Obvious troll is troll.

RedDragan3168d ago

If this video does not excite you, then you are in gaming terms "impotent".

This video just makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up everytime I watch it. The guy who put it together is genious!

BYE3169d ago

Better be a 100 on Metacritic.

IRetrouk3169d ago

I read in the official playstation mag that some of the cars took up to six months to model, dont forget that the cars have just over 500,000 polys each, and that poly are known for their attention to detail, it will be worth the wait my friend.

IRetrouk3169d ago

has any gt let you down? none have for me, and gt5p was a nice little taster.

BYE3169d ago

I never had a PS2 so I only played GT2, which is still my favorite driving game.

Prologue I skipped on purpose. Why eat lunch if I go to a nice restaurant in the evening...or the evening a couple of days later in this case ;)

IRetrouk3169d ago

GT4 was prob the best, most cars and tracks in the series, and lol i see your point but i just couldnt wait, had to see those graphics on my tv to believe them, and obivously make sure the handeling was as good as the old games.

PirateThom3169d ago

Yeah, GT4 is still my favourite in the series. It has the GT3 experience, but with more cars and tracks and it all comes together perfectly. (Reviewers were annoyed that online play was promised and never delivered, hence lower scores, I didn't care about online)

IRetrouk3169d ago

i never went online with the ps2 so the online missing never bothered me, to me gt was always about doing every single race and owning as many of the better cars as possible, also just the way each and every car felt diffrent to drive just ammazed me, the tracks were amazing, still are and the music was proper driving music. my god i forgot how much i love the gt series, thanks thom.

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IRetrouk3169d ago

Everyone knows this game is gonna be huge, hopefully it will actualy be out this year, i have been waiting a long time to play this, i still play gt5p just to get my gt fix.

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