PSN Dragon Age: Why So Expensive?

Watchful from TSA writes: We all complain about the pricing of items on the PSN Store from time to time, but it has taken one specific example to get me especially wound up about it. That example is the Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening DLC. If you've read enough TSA you will have gathered that I am a big fan of Dragon Age: Origins and play more than is perhaps healthy by some measures. I was looking forward to playing the Awakening DLC, but at £31.99 for something that offers only 25% of the length of the game play in DA:O itself (and £20 will buy you the DA:O Collector's Edition now) it is just over-priced.

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crck3173d ago

This is nothing new. This is what DLC has become. A way for companies to gouge the big fans of a particular game.

Kratos Spartan3173d ago

but for budget gamers, like myself, who can't afford to buy new games a lot, it is nice to extend the current game you own, even at $15 or so, to get a couple more hours or so out of it.

One could argue that you should just save that money and use it towards a new game purchase. But if you have nothing new to play, and have the option to play some new content for a game you already have instead of playing through again, it is nice. At least for me anyway.