Red Dead Redemption Deal We Reckon You Won't Want to Miss

PSLS writes:

One of this Spring's most anticipated releases is Rockstar Games' open-world, wild western shooter, Red Dead Redemption. Since we know the game is at the top of everyone's must buy list, you might as well save some hard earned cash on it.

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ThePlaystation3guy3117d ago

As much as I want this game, I won't have the money. Reckon I'll have to Gamefly it, lol.

Sev3117d ago

This is a game you most likely want to own, there is countless hours of gameplay and some great multiplayer content to keep you busy for hours on end.

Definitely worth every penny.

I really enjoyed what I played of it.

xTruthx3117d ago

buying just because of the multi player, the sp will be a bonus

Trexman893117d ago

It's got possies! and you can go fight bears and cougars with your possie...that makes the game worth it

Bigpappy3117d ago

So a $10 gift card doesn't work for me. They need to take that $10 off my 60 bone right away, or I just pick it up at Game Stop with a trade of something I don't play anymore.

legendkilla3117d ago

day one buy for me!!! the online looks well done

joydestroy3117d ago

i paid 32 bucks and some change for day1 delivery from amazon. i had a 30 dollar promo from two other games i preordered ^_^

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JonnyBigBoss3117d ago

Easily one of the better-looking games this year!

Lord Vader3117d ago

i agree - sleeper hit of 2010 - the MP looks amazing !

Gamestop has a preorder bonus of a special outfit that doubles your Dead Eye recharge, so I'm going for that.

MmaFanQc3117d ago

what? do you know what a "sleeper hit" is?

user94220773117d ago

man, tempting deal. Hope they had this in the UK

BrutallyBlunt3117d ago

$57 for the game and then a $10 credit towards anything on Amazon which brings it down to $47 plus a Golden Guns weapons pack DLC. I may have to pre-order it as this is far too tempting. The game looks great and seems to have tons of value.

iceman063117d ago

If somebody were to actually release the game at a lower price. Then Amazon is really good at matching that price. When K-Mart offered Just Cause 2 for $45, Amazon promptly sent me an extra $15 gift offset the price change. So...because of that...and previous gift card incentives...I'll be getting Red Dead Redemption for a whopping $2.48!!! Loving Amazon right now!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.