Splinter Cell:Conviction VS Metal Gear Solid 4

Video By FerelInstincts Of TheGamersHub.

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Batzi3170d ago

MGS has Snake enough said.

Joule3170d ago

MGS4 was so epic.

the ending of MGS4 pwns all of SC:C.

xTruthx3170d ago

MGS4 :/

BTW: Where are the SC reviews ? only 2 and the game is about to release ? wth

MexicanAppleThief3168d ago

MGS4 without a doubt. There's so much you can do in that game, epic game right from the start to the ending.

B3ST G4M3 EV4R!!!

ChozenWoan3168d ago

Octo-Camo Suit FTMFW!!!

Too bad only one of these two games is an exclusive.

piroh3168d ago

i think competition hasn't enough exclusives
anyway, MGS4 is the King of Videogames

thief3168d ago

They basically threw in the towel on every count.
Stealth gameplay? Its closer to Halo than MGS, not even in the same league as MGS previously and now its so diluted its practically become an action game.
Story? A single-player you can wrap up in less than half the time of MGS 4 (that’s if you exclude the cutscenes), even the positive reviews such as IGN basically say buy this only for the multiplayer.
Graphics? So sub-par compared to MGS 4 that came out 2 years before, they actually claimed this couldn’t be done on the PS3?

Highlife3168d ago

Is this the British version of Hiphop gamer?

Army_of_Darkness3168d ago

He actually had a difficult time deciding which game had better graphics?!?! are you kidding me?!

RadientFlux3168d ago

I really didn't like Metal Gear Solid 4, but I haven't played SC:C yet so I really don't know which one is better.

Though going by the older games in both series. I would say that I would likely prefer SC:C.

For me the best game in the MGS series was MGS1. Followed by the two NES games then MGS2 and MGS3. MGS4 lost me with the over-the-top cinematics, which felt pretty campy at times.

As for the SC series. I wasn't a fan of the first 2 games but when they changed up the series by allowing you multiple ways to complete each mission. I fell in love with the series.

Corepred43168d ago

lol i already watched some guy finish the game on jtv like a couple of days ago. there are no stealth mechanics in that game. this guy must have not played it yet because he's saying splinter cell has the best stealth mechanics in any game. he must be talking about before conviction came out. SC:C looked more to me like an action game like uncharted.

Redrum0593168d ago

Good video, but I have to disagree with him on the stealth mech, the camo in mgs3 and 4 takes it all. Mgs has been around since the 80s and it takes alot more than splinter cell to defeat them, Especial scc with their new direction has no chance with mgs. Hideo has a passion and a vision that is mgs, the guys behind scc are
more into cashing in on the mass audience with their new "apealing" game.

HolyOrangeCows3167d ago

This seriously got approved?

vhero3167d ago

MGS4 story was more than 5 hours long... nuff said..

inveni03167d ago

This kid has the same mannerisms as Hip Hop Gamer, except this kid looks like a puss.

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HolyOrangeCows3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

Summary: Boy tells you his opinion on Splinter Cell vs Metal Gear Solid (He doesn't even go into details...just "I liked the graphics/gameplay/etc better in this game").

Suggestion: Don't Waste your time.

WildArmed3168d ago

I wasted 3 minutes of my life.. then decided to scroll down and saw your commment..
Damn it.. only if i had looked down earlier.

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Phaqutomb3168d ago

yep wasted 5 minutes 32 seconds before i scrolled down .. i should look at posts before i look at videos.

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TROLL EATER3170d ago

conviction looks epic indeed

Tony-A3169d ago

Yeah, compared to the one before it....

RadientFlux3168d ago

Its a matter of taste, while the reviews for SC:C are some-what mixed at the moment. Both series have been filled with excellent games.

ps3hasnogamess3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

I personally think splinter cell better...

I've only played mgs 1 and 4 (still think mgs1 is one of the best games of mgs series - the mgs4 one was ...GARBAGE!)
i got bored after 20 minutes of mgs was too much shi* with he grey color and 10 hours of stuff of cut scenes like that i just didnt like it.

but my point is from a stealth perspective, splinter cell got all those cool stuff like night vision, and peaking trough keyholes....
it just makes use of darkness - which isnt the case in mgs.

Tony-A3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

Night Vision = MGS4
Peaking = MGS4
Use of Darkness = MGS4

MGS4 uses something called "awareness", where if they see a dead body, they become alert. If they see a sleeping guard, they wake him up. Conviction? Not so sure.

Where's the stealth in that?!

But not to worry. You won't get bored after 20 minutes of Conviction because that's pretty much the length of the whole story.

Auron3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

Sam definitely seems more deadly than Snake and alot more believable. I personally couldn't stand MGS4 and I prefer this new splinter cell to it and people call me crazy for that as well. Guess what folks I like what I like and you Like what you like. Awards and GOTY doesn't mean nothing if I don't like the game.

I really hate to compare these games because they are like night and day.

avengers19783168d ago

@ps3hasnogames--So your saying that you own a PS3. Good for You.
Are people really comparing MGS4 to SCC. Well SCC doesn't look any better than MGS 4. MGS4 20 hours of gameplay, SCC 5 hours of game play. MGS 4 bots have wanted for 2 years, SCC droids don't care.
Oh and MGS 4 came out what 2 years ago, and that is what xbots are comparing a brand new game on there system too. Classic.

EvilBlackCat3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )


Metal Gear is a Sci Fi action "Stealth" game while Splinter Cell is a Action Stealth game

and dont forget people that the story is a Tom Clancy Story HELLO!

Ok is all about taste but please is a Tom Clancy's story.

Those who goes METAL GEAR better than Splinter Cell are not really aware about the Splinter Cell Novels

PEOPLE those novels are NOT MANGA STYLE STORIES like those you have on METAL GEAR games.



Let me gives you 4 excellent Movies based on Tom Clancy's Novels:
Clear and Present Danger (1994) PG-13

The Hunt for Red October(1990) PG

Patriot Games(1992) R

The Sum of All Fears(2002) PG-13



Wrathman3168d ago

ssc ftw.

if you enjoy MGS then you have to ask yourself ..'do i like men in catsuits?'

sam fisher..real man suit

its that not knockin ps3 mgs lovers..but catsuit?!! plzzzzzzzz

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