PS360 answers the Wii, finally

Sales numbers haven't really had a reason to change until now (now being when price cuts actually take effect). Sony and MS and their respective fanboys all thought the Wii was a passing fad, that they wouldn't need to respond. They still haven't come up with an answer to the control system, and likely can't (they're aren't going to give up standard controls, and having an alternate control system won't be effective and could be confusing--likely developers would ignore it and it would have no impact), but now they are finally addressing the Wii as a potent threat.

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masterg3876d ago

A Porsche doesn't look at the sales numbers of a Fiat.

MyNutsYourChin3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

I would probably be considered a Nintendo fanboy since I've followed and supported them since their inception but that was funny and true.

Your limited bubbles tells me that some people have thought your comments to be inferior and unworthy of further posting but to this comment I say, "Bubbles for you." Bravo masterg in your timing, execution, delivery, and witty observation.

Rute3875d ago

That comparison is funny and seems logical at first, but whereas cars are all about "hardware", consoles are all about software. Xbox and GC were faster racers last gen, but PS2 had by far the largest number of high quality games. A Mini seats more girls than sporty Porsche.

MyNutsYourChin3875d ago

I prefer a Mini for that reason's like a circus when all the ladies climb out of my Mini and it's a party when all the ladies play with my Wii.

God of Gaming3875d ago

why on earth does Nintendo have to respond? THEY ARE STILL HALF THE PRICE OF THE PS3... sorry these stories about the so called price drop are just mind blowing... 8 months into the life cycle and you drop 100 dollars is NOT a good sign... It might be needed but its not a GOOD thing as far as history of gaming goes. And why is there no outrage about those who paid 600 dollars for the 60 gig version before? I find that odd because we would hear about that if the 360 dropped price over night.

MyNutsYourChin3875d ago

I agree, Nintendo needs no response to this.

PS360WII3875d ago

Well the Wii is getting a good chuck of RPG's soon and get's some fps. He's talking like hardcore gamers only play FPS. That's not the case sure they like them but there's a slew of hardcore gamers that like rpg's and as I stated Wii is getting them. Plus some hardcore gamers like thinking games or the ever challaging platformer. (yes it's true platform games can be harder than fps!)
Anyway sure PS3 has a price cut and as God of Gaming said it's still twice as much. The 360 can have a price cut but with the new warranty I'm not sure it's going to happen. If it does well sure the Wii can drop it to 199 and release a new Wii with optional colors and bigger storage medium for the 250 price and problem solved.

Firewire3875d ago

this crap has to stop!

Mr VideoGames3875d ago

there is a Huge Monster House of Games Hitting the Market for 360 i don't see why they have to worry about anything, the Wii i don't get the Graphics are seriously PS2 Status but it is still succesful and PS3 im still deciding on it but i can Guarantee i won't be getting one for a while not with those Prices HELL NO!

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