Free Modern Warfare 2 2D Remake Released

Calbi The Zebra has released a 2D demake of Infinity Ward's FPS Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, now available for download. The title brings action sequences similar to that of the original game's, including working a stationary machine gun, whizzing around with a helicopter, controlling remote missiles, racing with snow mobiles and motor boats and more.

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CountDracula3052d ago

The 8-bit rain from the Stimulus map pack would go great with this game!

RankFTW3052d ago

Captured the game really well imo.

Echo3073052d ago

Wow, that was pretty much the worst thing ever... I can tell you for a fact that there are a handful of Little Big Planet levels that are MW2 themed that trump this all day long.

Just awful.

FantasyStar3052d ago

You're just mad you died too many times =P

Echo3073051d ago

Actually, you're right, I died a lot. I haven't seen that much jumping and shooting since the last time I played Halo.


Erotic Sheep3052d ago

That was better than the actual game >.>

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