Fallout 2 Unofficial Update and Restoration Mod Update Released

Killap has announced the release of new updates for his two mods The Unofficial Fallout 2 Patch 1.02+ and Fallout 2 Restoration Project, now available for download. The update fixes over a thousand bugs that were still left in Fallout 2 after its final patch, while the Restoration Project's aim is to restore 'missing' content that was incomplete or pulled from the final game, including locations, quests and characters. It also comes bundled with the mod that adds high resolution support to the title.

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CountDracula3173d ago

This update is about 3 years too late for me since that's around the time I passed this game, the whole 9 yards and all.

Perkel3173d ago

GTFO this is megaton ! High resolution and bug fixes ? Now i'll start 56th time :) and probably 20 more after 56th..

JoelR3173d ago

really - you won`t reinstall it
such a loss ... FO2 is still the best of the series...

TANUKI3173d ago

All time favourite PC game. High resolution is a much welcomed addition.

Perkel3173d ago

hope betsheda remaster F1 and F2 in HD without changing anything else..

tdrules3173d ago

why would you want Bethesda to do it, this patch was to GET RID of bugs, not add them.

Perkel3173d ago

@ tdrules

HINT: "without changing anything else.. "

CountDracula3173d ago

I wish these games f1 and f2 would come out for the ipod touch.
If that were to happen my head would explode into a fine mist.

mrv3213173d ago

If they released them on PS3/360 I'd be happy. I'm so glad Fallout Van Buren is coming out.. and should fix my problems with Fallout: Bethesda.

JoelR3173d ago

Yep :) glad FO2 patch is ready. The best version of Fallout just got even better. Now to scrub my brain of fallout 3 stupidity with some more fallout 2!

TheFlyingPenguin3173d ago

lol i was playing this just 5 seconds ago and found a monty python and the holy grail easter egg.

STONEY43173d ago

Hasn't this been out for a while? Or maybe I'm thinking of Fallout 1 or another mod, I could have sworn I used a mod like this 2 years ago.

JoelR3172d ago

new update to the patch... (even more fixes :) )