8.9 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review has written: "While valid licenses in the market, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 succeeds with its different way of approaching the player to the game, to entertain and excite. His way of resumption of an FPS with high destructibility and moving like a lot, especially for multi-compartment where the title from the best. Although it is not sorted and packaged for the clan, he managed to unite many people in the same team. Lacks a co-op mode in any case not miss. One final comment, we feel compelled to express it by calling into question the blockbuster title at the time, Modern Warfare 2, for which, in our opinion, Bad Company 2 is its own best alternative for competitive multiplayer. In conclusion, the title is able to attract many fans of the genre and at the same time to see someone leave. Surely I will not let anyone indifferent."

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