Resident Evil producer talks more Wii-makes

Resident Evil producer, Masachika Kawata, has said in a new interview that Capcom's upcoming Wii exclusive, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, is somewhat of a test to see how the series will perform on the Wii, and that this is the primary reason why Resident Evil 5 isn't being developed for Nintendo's new generation console.

However, Kawata expressed interest in remaking past Resident Evil titles for the console, presumably in the style of the recently released Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition, which sports the slick over-the-shoulder camera view and intuitive pointer aiming.

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ChickeyCantor4028d ago

aaaaaaah i made aforum of this and now it will be ignored >_<
anyhow hope its true.

Eclipticus4028d ago

ahhh why are they thinking of revisiting past titles for the wii, when they are already working on umbrella chronicles. it tells the same story. This is just beating a dead horse... Why not another Resident Evil Game. not the same ones... Whatever happened to Code:Veronica? how about a remake of that, if 0-3 is gonna be in umbrella chronicles.
By the time they get all the remakes out for the wii. THe next generation will be out. and they will start working on remales of RE for that generation...

ChickeyCantor4028d ago

it says 1,2 and 3 will be remaked.......

" By the time they get all the remakes out for the wii."
doesnt have to be that late, the scenes from 0~3 are recreated in the RE:UC so they can just use those level models?
and the RE:4 engine already dont think it will be that late IF they remake the series to RE:4 style.

Eclipticus4028d ago

I know it probably wont be that late, But I am just saying, why keep going back to recreate the same game. I think UC is a great idea. the entire story, one game. Especially for players too young to have played the original when it first came out... Its great for them to provide the original story and games this way.

ChickeyCantor4028d ago

Still i think its an awsome expierence.
Re on the PS1 was great was even better on GCN, Re:4 blowed people away.
RE:UC is also cool because now you have the whole story(at least the most parts) in one game..but it will be Cooler if we can experience that story like RE:4.
RE:uc is arcade like(which is awsome)
and RE:4 has a great singleplayer expierence.

i would say:bring it on.....Capcom is doing a great job on RE.

Last_Life4028d ago

I just care for RE5, I had enought House of the Dead.

ChickeyCantor4028d ago

if you noticed this isnt really about the "lightgun" game RE:UC.

Odiah4028d ago

I swear they remade 1, 2 and 3 already for gamecube. Lazy devs.

ChickeyCantor4028d ago i have the feeling you have the wrong idea?
This time they will be using the RE:4 engine......

Odiah4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

I don't have the wrong idea. Remaking old games that don't need remade is quite lazy. Why can't we get a through and through original Resident Evil game on wii?

EDIT: Also, how unscary are those games going to be RE4 style.

Dudeson424028d ago

Is that I would physically harm many many small children just to get a full-on remake of RE:2 in the vein of RE4, that is all.

ChickeyCantor4028d ago

=( always barge in this disturbing ?

but yeah, i understand u compleeeeeeeetly

Dudeson424028d ago

Yeah, sorry about that, kinda morbid this early in the morning, it's just that the prospect of a now-current-gen version of RE2 gets me all worked up just thinking about it =)

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