A PSP in iPhone Clothing

Can't get enough of your iPhone's interface? Why not skin your PSP with the IPSP software? You won't be able to instantly transform the PSP's screen into a touch screen one, but you be able to navigate through a grid of applications both web-based and built-in to the PSP...

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the worst4031d ago

how about some good games

Nigther4030d ago

You are so ignorant, there are more games on the PSP that I am interested in then I will ever be able to play.

Do you even own a PSP, I suppose not?


DreamSnach24031d ago

where the hell is the wii and 360 news every time i come to this site all i see it ps3. what the hell is this. more news on the 360 and wii enough is enough

Nigther4030d ago

This happens due to popular demand for news about the PS3. If you want 360/Wii news take a look in that section of the site and you wont have to see any PS3 articles.

ReconHope4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

section, i dont get it.

SjaakHaas4030d ago

It has to be the other way round!

It's a iPhone in PSP Clothing!