Bodycount "not trying to beat Call of Duty"

Bodycount creator Stuart Black has said that he's "not trying to beat CoD" with his upcoming action-packed FPS, saying that his game has its "own things that we think are going to be fun for a player".

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Johandevries2872d ago

Why is everyone comparing to MW2, it sucks...

Compare your multiplayer game to Call of Duty 4 or Bad Company 2, people. That are real games, not a damp rag.

Commodore2872d ago

Right about now Hello Kitty Island Adventure could beat Call Of Duty and it would probably take more skill.

Commander TK2871d ago

they rather want an FPS with a long campaign. I mean what was the last 1? Resistance 2?

glennc2872d ago

this way they can say we beat MW2 without even trying

ClownBelt2872d ago

Well even if they want to beat CoD, they cant.

FragGen2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Agreed. From a sales perspective which is what publishers care about COD is the KING whether the nerd-ragers here like it or not and a game like Bodycount is not likely to be competitive with COD in that context. If they compare favorably to say Borderlands on sales, that'd be a HUGE win.

BannedForNineYears2872d ago

Right, well, good luck trying to get people to play your game. xD
Freaking MW 2 fans... :|

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