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mrv3213169d ago

Nice to see bad company 2 above MW2... it really deserves to be above MW2.

Karum3169d ago

Yeah but Consider that MW2 has been out for a long time now, it's already made the majority of it's lifetime sales whereas BFBC2 is much more recent.

It does deserve to be up there I agree, it's just not an impressive achievement because of that.

mrv3213169d ago

Considering the MW2 advertising. I wonder if this seller list includes the free weekend... probably not.

Darkfocus3169d ago

MW2 is on top right now but I think steam might count downloads of the game as sales(it's free to play this weekend) because I once saw a mod(free one too) on their top sellers list :/

champ213169d ago

Yes but consider BC2 sells from every DD outlet. MW2 is steam only.

Hence that is a good advantage to MW2. Its currently on to due to price cut to 50usd. BC2 will be back up once the offer is gone.

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Darkfocus3169d ago

why bother posting these any one with steam can see them on that.

CountDracula3169d ago

Because it's a slow news day that's why.