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Submitted by ExiesBestFan 2130d ago | article

How many people use linux on ps3 for internet ? Let's find out

A little statistics on the use of operating systems for web browsing (PS3)

Ghosty   2131d ago | Spam
ElementX  +   2131d ago
"How many people use linux on ps3 for INTERNET?"
None, anymore ;)
BYE  +   2130d ago
None exept Geohot and his fanbase...
pixelsword  +   2130d ago
They should replace the feature with Cross-game chat
Although I have a Fat PS3 and never used Linux on it, I was planning on it, but I thought I had forever to do it, so I wanted to wait until I heard some progress on any Linux Cloud developments. After I heard they were yanking it, I was going to load it really quick, but decided not to because as it was, they were just removing the option; if I had the program on it, it becomes more complicated; and if there's any related issues, it could multiply with linux.

It's bull that they removed it, but they can make it up to fat PS3 owners by giving us a free game; because unlike the other OS, I would at least have used it by now. :D
blackmagic  +   2130d ago
.66% used linux to browse the web but more people may have used linux for things other than browsing the web. personally, I booted into linux to use lastfm when I wasn't gaming. No more now that Sony has taken the feature away.
xabmol  +   2131d ago
0.66% LOL
drummerx2709  +   2131d ago
My math could be off but I'm gonna try this anyway....
There are around 34 million PS3s out there right now.

34,000,000 x 0.66% = 224,400 that used Linux in total (possibly on PS3?)

34,000,000 x 6.28% = 2,135,200 that used the Other OS on PS3

There are approx. 2 million people are very angry at Sony right now.
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ExiesBestFan  +   2131d ago
OtherOS is LINUX , not PS3 operating system
drummerx2709  +   2131d ago
@ ExiesBestFan
Yea I'm aware of that. I did the math with those numbers and I got 2 million people that use the Other OS (aka Linux) so I think thats a reasonable number for the number of people that used the feature. Right?
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Rinus454  +   2130d ago
Maybe I didn't get those figures the right way, but I don't think that 6,28% stands for the percentage of people using OtherOS..

More likely for the percentage of people using de PS3 browser to get to their website..

I think 150.000 is a more accurate estimation of the people using OtherOS to get to that site.

But I'm not quite sure..
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drummerx2709  +   2130d ago
@ 3.4
Yea the percentages they gave kind of confused me too.
JackBNimble  +   2130d ago
From what I understand it's 6.28% use the ps3 web browser and 0.66% of them used linux, so the numbers that you came up with for linux users are even smaller then you thought.

EDIT: This what I believe the author of this article is saying, I'm not saying it's right though. But I do believe that less then 1% of ps3 users used linux.
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Hotel_Moscow  +   2130d ago
only 2 million people are anry at sony better

its funny 2 million people get angry at sony and the the ps3 is doomedz

xbox has more than 2 million failures yet people go on like it never happened and just buy another console
krauley  +   2130d ago
you idiot, there are not 34 million fat ps3 out there so your numbers make as much sense as you do. And thats not much
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DelbertGrady  +   2131d ago
Still trying to justify Sony's removal of features. I'm amazed at how dedicated and loyal their fanbase is. They could probably remove rumble again and get away with it.
ClownBelt  +   2131d ago
Well not really as loyal as the blind follower of the other X console. :p

I mean removing a feature is bad, but selling a defective product is another thing. Lmao.
mrv321  +   2131d ago
People didn't mind too much when Microsoft removed reliable hardware... and that probably effected more users.

People also don't mind out of the SIX next genertaion console
The only one of those not to have a built in wireless and internet is the 360.
pixelsword  +   2130d ago
"Still trying to justify Sony's removal of features. I'm amazed at how dedicated and loyal their fanbase is."
Like the removal of a three-cent piece of foam that would keep discs from scratching?

Or the removal of a two-cent heat-sink to keep RRoD at bay?

Yes, I can see how the removal of a feature that a small percentage of fat PS3 users utilized can cause the slim PS3 users to walk out on their PS3's versus something so tiny and trivial like damaged discs and consoles... because, you know, the removal of the Other OS costs more money to the PS3 owners.

Pebz  +   2130d ago
"The other guys are getting screwed worse than us, therefor it is alright for us to get screwed." line of logic has always baffled me somehow.

A fan/costumer of a certain brand has all to gain by being critic towards said brand, because a flaw has to be identified before it can be remedied. But Instead, for some reason, people seem to be insisting on brushing away any "domestic" flaws, and focusing on someone else's problem (but not to actually help them in any way). Strange phenomenon, isn't it?

Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony (like all mega-corporation) would screw their costumers without a second thought if they deemed it beneficial to themselves. History is full examples for anyone who cares to see.
UnwanteDreamz  +   2129d ago
Yet I'm never amazed at how dedicated you are to your b*tching about all things Sony. I have seen you in almost all the OS related articles.

It's like you expect people to jump up and down about loosing something they didn't use. So next time the trash man comes to my house to pick up the trash should I tackle him and kick his as*? Maybe I should piss and moan like you? Pathetic

You never have anything new to say.
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Antan  +   2131d ago
I don`t use linux on my ps3 for INTERNET! IINNTTEERRNNEETT!!
Hellsvacancy  +   2131d ago
I was gonna install Linux on me PS3 a while back but i got YLOD (twice) although i fixed it myself (both times) i know its gonna happen again, so i didnt wanna install it on there only 4 it 2 break again
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ThaGeNeCySt  +   2130d ago
I didn't use linux on PS3 to browse the web. I did use for emulators though.
PotNoodle  +   2130d ago
Haha, lets use some tiny little blog to judge such a statistic..... /s
Blaze929  +   2130d ago
yeah exactly. I'm like the title should be "how many people use linux on ps3 to visit MY tiny site." how are we using google analytics to prove something with a small site and just ONE site? wow to the people who approved this
CountDracula  +   2130d ago
This was a BS move from Sony because
I just used Linux for 'algorithms' only to help me with my Calculus.

pixelsword  +   2130d ago
Love your Avatar
And the movie.

First movie that made me wish I lived in the 60's.
Dsnyder  +   2130d ago
IT doesnt matter how many used it.
What matter is that I USED IT. It took a damn long time to get the materials together to install it, you need to sacrifice 12gb of space that you cant remove and I lost my ability to play snes games (which is what hackers aim to do on sh!t anyway). So yeah now I have 12gb of space that I can remove without wiping my HDD thanks to hackers who need to get real jobs. I hope geohot gets sued by sony and gets 30 million in debt so he can never have a life because he has taken mine.
Raypture  +   2130d ago
"I hope geohot gets sued by sony and gets 30 million in debt so he can never have a life because he has taken mine."

So you're life has ended because you can't have linux on your PS3? Yeah you look pretty dead to me. You also seem to be a incredible selfish person with the I USED IT comment, and sony will probably fix that problem later.
Evocation  +   2130d ago
While I understand the "removal of features" is bad.
Sony don't force you to, your current machine will work exactly the same bar PSN. I don't however see any other places as easily allow you to install GNU/Linux.
I could image other companies would not only force some type of update but make dam sure that your games and other features broke until you updated. The lack of the RDX killed GNU/Linux for me anyway.
ChozenWoan  +   2130d ago
With access to the graphics card, there could have been a nice homebrew community. Not to mention the ability to play some of the older PC games as well as emulators of older consoles... all without the need to hack the PS3.
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jjesso1993  +   2130d ago
the qustion is why would any one emulate anything on the ps3 linux was limited from the start dont even think you could do the n64 in linux the fact is if you really want linux go download now its free ! and emulate all the games you where before with any controller you like with 8Xaa and 1080p or even 2560*1600.
CountDracula  +   2130d ago
You Know
Stalin of Communist Russia once said that, "one man dying is a tragedy, but when millions of people are screwed by Sony's di(c)k moves..."

Then it's only a statistic!

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rebirthofcaos  +   2130d ago
thi is off topic but my hdd is broken completely. How im writting im using the live cd of ubuntu. Something that if im not mistaken windwos doesnt have.

linux is really useful unlike windows -.-
Oner  +   2130d ago
Not trying to be a smart a$$ or anything but actually there are Windows OS Live discs out there that you can download or make yourself. I use both, but Linux versions are a bit faster and easier to find on the net already made.
evilbart  +   2130d ago
why comment if you never used linux youve no buissness here they removed it and they shouldnt have stop lickin sonys arse jesus
maxbyte  +   2130d ago
Kids, this is not the point.
The point is this:
I sell you a car and tell you "sure man, it can use gas and diesel and because of this I want x amount of jewels". You purchase that car. After a year or two, I come round your house and say "Listen stupid! I'ma goin' to get that diesel part because it is not needed in new versions and because I say so. Stuff it."
And what do you do? Pat me on the shoulder and say "Thanks man! I really did not use that anyway. Here, have a beer on me!" or take your trusty sawed shotgun and hiss through your teeth "Get yer dirty hands of of my beloved car you scum!".
Hmmm, let me guess? Right. Thought so.
This is why I am pushing Amazon for partial refund. I don't care about the refund, I want to generate enough bad vibes (and I am urging all my friends who bought PS3 from Amazon to do the same) with this so that Sony backs of (I doubt it). I am living in one of the European Union countries and someone will have to pay for this feature removal without my consent.
See below link for a story about one of the Amazon's European customers who got the partial refund.
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Raypture  +   2130d ago
This is exactly what I've been trying to tell people but they don't listen.
livewires  +   2130d ago
who bets 99% of thoose linux users are linux desktop users aswell
godslayer429  +   2130d ago
hoe many...
people actually care....
jjesso1993  +   2130d ago
maxbyte you need to grow up and see the bigger picture sony had to choices get rid of stupid worthless feture where you could emulate a few games that you can do a phone these days or give the title of the only consoles to realsed and not to have piracy this generates alot of respect from developers knowing that sony are keeping products safe from pirates.

you will not get a refund sony will probley going mad at amazon for giving that refund as the toc says that they can do what they want in updates and if do not agree with the toc then do not update when you update the console you agreeing with linux being taken out so sony are not breaking any laws. really dont know why your so angry. go smoke spliff or even a 10 bag and get laid iam sure that take mind of it.
#19 (Edited 2130d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SkolarVisari  +   2130d ago
The big picture is that it is almost unprecedented to remove functionality because someone might do something the manufacturer does not like. It doesn't matter how many people were or were not using the functionality, it would be like removing support for proxy servers because a proxy can be used to bypass the firmware version check. This exploit requires direct user intervention and simply is not a danger to anyone at all because you can't build a worm or anything else of an automated nature with this exploit. Oh and by the way the EULA/TOC does not override local law and is not necessarily legally binding in any way.
maxbyte  +   2127d ago
please utilize your reading skills, go to some schools and then come back and try to upload a THC free comment.
You have no understanding of legal implications here which is exactly why I used a dumbed-down analogy... I guess one can never go dumb enough for someone not to understand.

Kid, listen, go back to whomever bought you your console/PC and speak to them, you obviously have no sense of spending your hard earned cash for something. Once you do, you will understand why am I a bit upset.

Oh, wait, there is also this little fact that Sony managed to legally classify the console as a computer to dodge the EU tax:

And because of the linux support smart people at various institutions finally managed to make cheap super computing clustered setups.

Really kid, who let you stay up late and use the PC?
Shendow  +   2130d ago
Who Cares
No one use it an its gone for the best an people that say 360 hasn't remove anything, you might want to do some history on it.

Plus I'm betting next 360 price cut will come with the removing of the memory card slots. I mean you don't need it if you got a USB flash drive right? You don't need OS on PS3 if you can get a computer right?

darkmetal  +   2130d ago
Don't update its not worth it all wait. i love linux i have no reason to care what Sony thinks now. Im not updating and i am keeping my linux feature on my ps3 that i have paid for thank you very much!
Did you ever think that some people who didn't vote because they are busy with college maybe pissed at Sony also, but were to busy to add their opinion in the surveys?

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