LucasArts: Star Wars: Battlefront Online Now Rumoured To Be Cancelled

The layoffs are due to LucasArts putting a hold on Star Wars: Battlefront Online. They wanted the game shipped in 2010, not in 2011 as they have other plans for that year. Once it was apparent a 2010 release was not going to happen, they scrapped the game.

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Raypture3051d ago

Sucks, I was really hoping for it, I loved the battlefront games. Hopefully they'll get it worked out and pick it back up again.

Government Cheese3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

LucasRATS cares more about Lego clone wars and monkey island remakes than Battlefront now, I hate to say but its true. Im beginning to think they also have a fetish for ruining dev studios, first free radical, now Slant 6

They just need to fire everyone and LA and hire new people.Especially get rid of the LA president darrel rodriguez, the company has just gone downhill since he joined them.

Christopher3051d ago

Yes... scrap a whole project and waste all the money you've invested so far because it would be horrible to have two SW games out in the same year...

tdrules3051d ago

Monkey Island > Battlefront.
truth hurts

Mo0eY3051d ago

You guys are forgetting about their main game for 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic. Bioware and LucasArts say the game is totally $150 million (prolly more) to make.

pixelsword3051d ago

*kicks girlfriend's stuffed animal down the hall*

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ZombieNinjaPanda3051d ago


Gah, just please come out with Battlefront 3 Please lucasarts?

CountDracula3051d ago

Remake KOTOR for the Wii instead!

kaveti66163051d ago

Why would they remake it? They could just port it over with a slight upgrade and the Wii could barely handle it.

CountDracula3051d ago

Monkey Island should be remade as an FPS.

Automat3051d ago

no way in effing hell it should. get deer hunter 2005 you d1ck!

Blaster_Master3051d ago

Seriously, im about to give up on gaming until it goes back to the ps2 days.

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The story is too old to be commented.