Video: How Does 'Move' Stack Up Against Wii?

Thetandd: In AP's weekly Video Game Video, Sony's Peter Dille explains how his company's PlayStation Move wand-and-camera motion controller stacks up against the Wii and Microsoft's upcoming Project Natal.

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hs1233117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

lets wait for e3 for really gameplay

Meryl3117d ago

wiimote or natal have not shown anything as precise or as good as this yet, so sony is beating MS at the moment as we have seen more games from them, all we have seen so far from Natal is the 200+ms laggy demo of hitting red balls

mal_tez923117d ago

1:1 sword fighting game just sold me completely. I was so skeptical and thought this would be just as gimmicky as the wii, but that looks awesome.

Imagine playing Demon's Souls like that! *drools*

sikbeta3117d ago

I don't Going To Defend PS-Move even If I know a lot of guys will say it's a copycat of the wii-motion-controller, but at the same time, the Best Thing about the PS-Move is:

[Minority Report FTW!]

Bigpappy3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

I was the guy trow 2 over hand rights and the right hand of his avatar never moved. This leaves lots of room for people to still be sceptical. They need to get this right by E3, before they let the press try it again. At GDC there was not a lot of good press coming out of that demonstration. In fact they were very hard on the same fighting game. The sword game doesn't look anymore impressive than Red Steel. May be Socom, LBP and RE can be the ones to impress or they can speed up the response of the move by E3.

@ Apocalypse Shadow: The Wii crowd don't care about graphic and draw distance. They want quick simple fun. Sony needs a Wii sports, Sports Active, and Mario killer to appeal to that crowd.

GarandShooter3117d ago

@ Bigpappy

You mean where the fighters are coming out of the grapple? That's not controller lag. Let me ask you a question. With any fighting game can you just spam the right punch button and have the fighter respond? Why would you expect to be able to spam punches with motion control? To me, this game will be good if it requires thoughtful use and timing of punches. If it responds to flailing arms, it's fail already.

Christopher3117d ago

Yeah, it's not a game that shows off the full potential of Move, but at the same time it's the type of casual game that is going to be created with the Move as well. It's ignorant to think that there won't be a lot of very Wii-like games on Move with action specified moves that don't track your movements 100% since that's the majority of the casual market. I'm also sure a lot of people will latch onto these games to say that the Move is JUST LIKE THE WII, when it isn't. What's important is to see what they do with the hardcore market games, like the gladiator fighting one, and implementing the controls in other FPS/TPS/action adventure games that don't normally utilize motion controls.

ThanatosDMC3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

They're actually showing games... not red balls!

Damn! If Demons Soul's 2 is going to be like that... I'M SOLD!!! But a controller is fine too. I just want a more open world DS2 with lots more enemies, areas, armors, weapons, sets, magic, etc. I really want for them to make magic more unique like let there be cones of fire/ice/lightning or raining magic or root magic or whatever else in standard RPGs. My mage builds sucks compared to my warrior builds.

Downtown boogey3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Wonder if the new PS3 SKUs are going to include both Moves and Dualshocks from now on.

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Apocalypse Shadow3117d ago

to tell you the truth,it's an uphill battle for sony by launching an add-on that's not packed in.nintendo doesn't have to wait for the market to grow.the market is built in as the wiimote is the center piece for wii.and everyone knows that i'm a supporter of things "built in."

just like bluray,the wiimote was a success because it was day one.but having said that,the move controller will offer things the wiimote cannot if it's successful.but i've watched many add-ons fail since the i'm cautious.

but wii can't offer gamers better graphics than ps3.that includes lighting,physics,objects onscreen,draw distance,etc.if both wii and ps3 get the same game release,and you have both consoles,which would you get?and why wait for wiiHD when ps3 will do what wii can do now?and i doubt nintendo will launch a console that is more powerful than ps3 or even 360 anytime soon.

wii can't do move accuracy.wii didn't launch with accuracy,wii motion plus is still not as accurate as move.doesn't matter for fun factor for casuals.but core gamers like precision.ask a core gamer if he would settle for a laggy response in a fighting game,combat game,racing game.they will tell you no.

wii can't offer online on a wide scale of games.because nintendo doesn't really care about online.and it shows.but sony will definitely offer online for move games.and there will be many.with all that money nintendo is making,they could at least share that with gamers by offering them better online and more in-house game releases.

wii won't offer real3D gaming.just as sony supported tvs that were coming that had 1080p,or hdmi or 120hrz or more,ps3 will support upcoming 3D tvs when they arrive.wii supports none of it.and can't do it.maybe old 3D.but not new 3D.3D doesn't matter for fun factor.but it does matter in making your console relevant for a 10 year lifecycle.

wii can't do augmented reality.there is no camera.just a sensor.but move is supported by a camera.creating an augmented reality that you can interact with.

thes are options that are cool to have for a console.and gives it a lasting i'm not dogging i have been using motion for years.i have an eyetoy and a pseye.but i wished sony did more with them and made core games too.and although wii is nice,most games don't cater to my age group.but we'll see how sony does this fall.

Seferoth753116d ago

I see a lot of things wrong in your post. Wii has a camera. It is built into every Wii remote. Besides if Sony can launch a 100.00 add on why cant nintendo just add another camera to sit at the base of the Wii for 50.00 and offer everything Move supposedly can do?

Wii cant be more accurate? You got that half right. It doesnt need to for some games like FPS that use the IR functions. They work perfectly. Now Motion plus gives it 1:1. If you want to try to claim that one companies 1:1 is some how superior to another companies, well you dont even understand the concept of 1:1.

You say Nintendo doesnt care about online.. Okay well if 80 million casuals backed the Wii without online, why would online matter to them? Same thing with the whole graphics argument.

What I get from your post is you are a Sony fan who blindly bashed motion controls for 3 years but now that Sony is going t offer it you are making up any excuse to why it is better. I have seen no proof of anything you claimed. In fact it is the opposite. Most of the hands on previews say it is no better than the Wii unless its a Sony site.

Also console gamer, please stop thinking of the PS3 as superior and where all the people who want the best are. That is hands down the PC dude. Only kids who want the best but don't have jobs to afford it get their parents to buy a PS3 thinking its the best at everything.

Mainstream gamers and most core gamers to not hold allegiance to one company. Your post makes it obvious you are a casual gamer and one that only plays a small number of the vast majority of games and since you dont play beyond PS brand, you have no clue what the best is or who offers it, you simply hear Sony say it and repeat it. Expand your gaming before you try to predict what people will do. If you spoke for them, they'd have never bought the Wii to begin with

George Sears3117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Funny to see what was once the underdog from last gen now trying to be imitated by HD consoles.

Let the comparisons roll.

bviperz3117d ago

What it really comes down to is the Games. So we just have to wait and see.

awesomeperson3117d ago

PSEye can track the body fairly precisely like Natal, and has a recognition point with buttons like Wii. Its like a child of them both.

Wrathman3117d ago

im surprised at the lag.

rezzah3117d ago

was it really lag or was it the perception of the eye (human eye). Also inoticed the guy swinged his arm for a punch but it didnt get recorded the first time. Possibly because his arm was in the way of the light bulb.

Beside just like for Natal, Sony has the time now to improve on the precision now until the MOVE isreleased.

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