Exclusive Splinter Cell Conviction DLC at Best Buy

RespawnAction: " Think the Silenced Shotgun at Gamestop is a ton of lamesauce? If you are getting Splinter Cell Conviction this week then you may want to consider picking it up at Best Buy. They have an exclusive DLC that may be more to your liking."

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movements3172d ago

This game is full of WIN!

LycanSoldier3172d ago

You can unlock that gun through normal gameplay, this just gives you early access

SolidMGSnake3172d ago

Can you get the silenced shotgun any other way other than purchasing at gamestop?

LycanSoldier3172d ago

The Silenced Spas-12 Shotgun is only obtainable through a DLC code

CAPT IRISH3171d ago

hahahaha silenced shotgun, thats funny

3171d ago
ASSASSYN 36o3171d ago

I won codes for the VR Alkali Skin and SC3000. Plus I have a crap load of Uplay points I never used from Assassin Creed 2 which gets even more content.

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