5 Steps to Getting Any RROD 360 Repaired Free

One piece of information that both Microsoft and retailers carrying the Xbox 360 probably aren't too keen on spreading is that, no matter what, you can get your console repaired free of charge when it red rings even if you purchased it used.

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-Alpha3166d ago

Step 1: Denial
Step 2: Cry
Step 3: Acceptance
Step 4: Call Microsoft
Step 5: Send it in

RRoD's have dropped a lot since Jasper sets, thankfully. Though I still get paranoid with my 360 at least I have a 3 year warranty. As long as MS holds up their end of the deal I wont mind if my console fries in the 4th year. By then 360s may come in cereal boxes with the way MS lowers its prices.

It's too bad MS was careless with the hardware. Anyways this article is like 2 years late, but it's quite funny too.

blackmagic3166d ago

I've been lucky with mine, even though it is a launch console, still running good. My brother's console failed though and even though it was about 6 months past the 3 year mark, they still fixed it for free.

HolyOrangeCows3166d ago

2 years too late?
Ahh, that's right; the first 30 million Xbox 360s disappeared when they released the Jasper console.

So the "big secret" is to lie and say some key words to customer service? Oh boy, what a revelation, lol.
That's consumer 101.

ReBurn3166d ago

I only did steps 4 and 5. Guess I did it wrong. Less than a week later I had a 360 again.

Therealspy033166d ago

seems to me you can replace this whole article with "be pushy"

EvilBlackCat3166d ago

My Elite say hi to your RROD overhyping in the NET PS3 Loyalists.

NO RROD, NO E74 and NO your lying B.S. fanboys.

IrishAssa3166d ago

Just got the E74 fail... quite pi**ed because it's my 4th one

OpenGL3166d ago

My Elite recently got the RROD for the second time but was still covered under warranty. The call was quick and easy, and they emailed me a pre-paid shipping label roughly 15 minutes after the phone call. I kind of wish they still shipped boxes for the console, but it was probably increasing the cost of the repair process drastically.

mittwaffen3166d ago

They toss you a free Three Year, minus the cost of shipping its free.

(Unless you get the 45 dollar three year at bestbuy)

Free controler replacement, headset, etc etc etc.

Anon19743166d ago

I'm on my 4th 360 and every single time I sent it in the process and experience was maddening. They charged me $170 twice, they wouldn't replace a disk scratching unit that they had sent me only two weeks prior, they wouldn't refund my money when the warranties were extended, I was just over 3 months without a console in total. What a nightmare.

Needless to say, as a gamer I'm not going to buy many games for a console that's proved itself unreliable. I haven't bought a 360 game since Fable 2. I'll probably get Alan Wake and Halo Reach but after a play through I'll probably retire my 360. If it dies before that, it's not getting replaced. Everything I want to play is available on the PS3 anyway, and looking at the games lined up for the 360 I don't feel like I'd be missing out if my 360 does finally die without the warranty.
Just my two cents.

IrishAssa3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

I'm still waiting for the shipping label to come through, I don't mind too much it's just I hate needing to have it replaced every year. I'm luckey there is no games I particularly want coming out in the next few weeks but one of the time it brole 3 days before Gears2, I don't like G2 as much as 1 but still I had to wait for ages before I could play it. Another one I actually had to pay for, 1year and a month and it broke, the warranty was gone and it was a disk reading error, too bad we don't replace those after a year. That one really P***ed me off.

EDIT------I was just gonna leave it after this one but since I can get it back for free I may aswell. I have a Ps3 too anyway so I could do without it, all I want is Reach maybe Gears 3 and Alan wake(maybe)

Reibooi3166d ago


My elite says...... NOTHING because it red ringed 3 months after buying it.

Elite means nothing they still RROD they just have a better chance or surviving longer.

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Michael-Jackson3166d ago

Just put a wet towel on it DAY 1, it should be fine. It works too!

Arsenic133166d ago

So its an article on something that everyone knows?

IdleLeeSiuLung3166d ago

It's basically an article about lying and being dishonest.

With that said, if it is a faulty console it goes both ways so in some respect they are responsible for it. Yet, I do not condone being dishonest like that.

-MD-3166d ago
request repair
ship console
play games

Mc Fadge3166d ago

You haven't gotten it back yet! :P

-MD-3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Takes about 18 days total turnaround time but I played my PC/PS3 during the wait.

My buddy got a free 360 from Best Buy for buying an HDTV and he sold it to me for 20 dollars so I don't have to wait if it happens again.

Obama3166d ago

OR alternatively you can get a ps3 which has a much lower failure rate.

Das_Bastardion3166d ago

Not like those pieces of sh1t MS likes to put in the mouths of its clients

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