PS3 Will (Eventually) Be A Success 5 Reasons Why

CB Games Reports:

Okay, so now that the PS3 has dropped its price, you're going to go out, punch the first person who gets in your way, break a glass window with your boot and get one, right?

What? Why not? Are you SERIOUS?! But you're getting a Blu-Ray player for practically nothing, and Motorstorm's pretty gnarly, too, right? Jeez, I don't know how Sony could ever please you then. And I think that's the current problem right now, Sony's ego is getting in the way of that pleasure spot located right behind the slight fold in your wallet. And even as much as Sony tries, they STILL can't seem to hit it just right. Poor Sony, maybe they should have buttered up the consumer a little bit more before they made boastful comments that people should work longer hours just to buy their crap.

Still, all the same, I think the PS3 will eventually be a success and here are 5 reasons why.

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InMyOpinion4003d ago

This site is getting flooded with articles like this. Ps3 will do this, Ps3 will do that. Empty stats combined with rumors and quotes without any substance. The first page basically consists of 30% gaming news and 70% Ps3 fanboy brainwashing. What's interesting is what's happening right here, right now. If you look at it from a rational perspective not much has changed. Maybe that's the reason why they want to stick to reporting 'what the future holds'. Very sad indeed...

DADO4003d ago

I am waiting to see how much time will pass until you get the firs disagree

Mr_Kuwabara4003d ago

And post it on the site. Go search my young padawan!

macalatus4003d ago

"The first page basically consists of 30% gaming news and 70% Ps3 fanboy brainwashing."

So if you think that this article is like other articles in this site that is "30% gaming news and 70% Ps3 fanboy brainwashing", then WHAT does make the seemingly countless, media-fueled, anti-PS3 articles out there? Let me guess your answer...oh yeah, they're 100% unbiased media perspectives!!

How I truly appreciate (cough...sarcasm...cough) you guys calling media articles "favorable" to Sony's side easily as "biased fanboyism" without so much wondering if the (arguably) more common anti-PS3 articles out there as "30% gaming news and 70% Xbot brainwashing".

Umbrella Corp4002d ago

ps3 sucks becouse only 2 games are good resistence and motor storm while wii60 has a bunch of great games i dont care when it will be good i care for now

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FordGTGuy4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

I can't believe the amount of disagrees I got you guys actually support these [email protected] articles?

Daxx4003d ago

Oh I thought you meant the cars not the person, lol. >_>

DADO4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )


Bloodmask4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

I am supposed to believe that the PS3 will come in 1st bc this guy likes the design more and bases everything on pure speculation. He contradicts himself by saying that the graphics look better on PS3, then later states that up until now they look equal to 360s.

How is this even news? All I see on this site anymore is rumored speculation for PS3 world domination. And at the other end of the spectrum how the XBOX 360 has red ringed out and has no chance.

Take the other pill and come out of the matrix my friends. There is this thing called "reality" going on all around you if you open your eyes.

Clinton5144003d ago

Let's take it from the developers and not random internet users with vendettas against each other.

Point being, no one knows the future.

InMyOpinion4003d ago

Nice to see I'm not the only one who prefers to look at what's happening right now. Bubbles to you.

Delive4002d ago

I didn't get that the article said it would come in 1st, but that it would succeed. There are as many people who bought a 360 for Halo (Not out) as there are people who bought a Wii for Metroid (Not out) as there are people who bought a PS3 for Socom (Not out). Each system is about what It can do for the person who bought it. Now, all the PS3 has is what's coming, for gamers, it has more for those who bought it for more than gaming. If you have a 360 and are having a ball with it, great, Game on! But it's sad when some have to shoot down a competitor to make themselves feel better about their choice. If you don't, this is not directed at you, obviously.

Game on!

CrazzyMan4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

But we all know, that it`s ALL ABOUT GAMES and all games will be showed only after few days later.

Anyway it`s funny, how articles from "ps3 is doomed" transformating to "PS3 Will Be A Success", even before E3. =))

p.s. anyone to help return my 5th bubble back? thnx. =)

TheExecutive4003d ago

yeah, i abhore most media becuase they just ride fads until they die and then move onto the next like a g-dam!ed virus. Because of the 100 dollar price cut suddenly the ps3 was saved. Well, i dont know if this is true or not, but i can say one thing: that tomorrow the media will focus its attack on something else. A bunch of slimy leeches.

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