First Ten Minutes – 3D Dot Game Heroes

Take a peek on the first ten minutes of the much anticipated 3D Dot Game Heroes, exclusively on the PlayStation 3. If you love the classic Zelda that was previously released on the NES console, there is no doubt you will not love this title.

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slave2Dcontroller3084d ago

HELL YEAH!! A Link To The Pa... err, 3D Dot Game Heros. HERE I COME XD

WildArmed3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

while the price tag of 40 bucks is very tempting. I'mma wait a bit longer for it to hit 20 bucks.

But the game looks fantastic! d>.<b

oh this game reminds me of an illegitimate sequel to ocarina of time ^^
The story is sooooooooooooooooooooo similar *if not the same*

MightyMark4273084d ago

the $40 price tag is very worth it. Over 15+ hours of classic adventure... no doubt you will love this game!

thereapersson3084d ago

Sounds like a great deal to me!

MightyMark4273084d ago

It is a great deal. Lots of things to do. It's a Zelda-like gameplay but that's what the good thing about it!

Cevapi883084d ago

its like the SNES hit next gen and we get this awesome game lol

Godmars2903084d ago

Considering used game prices this console gen, the fact that Atlus often does limited print runs, good luck with that.

If this does turn into a classic, the re-definition of a classic, expect the price to go up.

Absolut_Turkey3084d ago

Holy crap! I'm watching the video right now. Heck the sound effects and the music alone are worth the price of admission. It really does take you back. I'm picking this one up today. I'm still listening to the music right now...I think I'm going to cry...

thereapersson3084d ago

I love the flashy, bright lighting effects :)

Syronicus3084d ago

An instant classic. Definitely a day one purchase for me.

specialguest3083d ago

I never saw this coming. Looks like a nice gem of a game, and I will definitely get this.

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Raf1k13084d ago

This looks pretty good. I'm definitely getting this.

catch3084d ago

This game looks way too good. Can't come soon enough.

CellularDivision3084d ago

40 bucks for a 3D Link to the Past?
Id pay 5 at most.

3084d ago
CellularDivision3084d ago

Play every single game from every single console, incluiding PC, then talk to me. K?

HolyOrangeCows3084d ago

Why would you waste $5? You don't have a Ps3 to play it on.

Mista T3084d ago

wow u must be teh real gamer cause u played every single game thats ever existed /s

Anon73493084d ago

>Implying you played every single game on every single console, including PC

Wow, you're a massive [email protected]! I doubt you would even understand the load screens, which are references to older games. But you wouldn't know that, because you're 12.

CellularDivision3084d ago

PSN- Belphegorious
Just updated, gonna buy a second ps3 for hax

@Mista T
I never said I did. The guy just said im not a gamer if i didnt buy this game at 40 bucks. So I replied in a sarastict manner. Looks like everyone thought I was serious.

Im actually 18, but its bad to be a 12 year old child gamer, and its good to be a 40 year old adult gamer who is STILL playing video games?
By the way, how is /b/?

HolyOrangeCows3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Any dope can make a PSN account online.

Either you're a troll, or you think you're funny (Like Jim Sterling...."Funny") . Either way....get a life.

CellularDivision3084d ago

Ive made my account via PSN.
I have MGS4, UC2, BFBC1 if u wanna have a match.

Either you are not very clever, or you are trying to be funny.

Barbapapa3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

you don't even have trophies...

HolyOrangeCows3084d ago

Like I said, anyone can make a PSN account on the playstation website.
Even 360 fanboys trying to fool people that they have a PS3.

kanetheking3084d ago

so fu.u makeing fun of guys 40 playing game.u stupid ass

1.what age do u think the guys that make the game u think they hit 40 den stop.
2.who the hell are u to tell ppl wen and wen not to play u made a psn useing the pc hopeing that ppl don't find u out.for bring a sad litte troll the hell can u have played every game that been out yet u bash the ps3.
5.and the fact that u say ur 18.and trolling on n4g..............

divideby03084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

$5 bucks for this game....most lame trolling comment I have read this weekend..
even if you dont like this game, saying $5 bucks just shows ignorance

watching the vid...brings back so many past memories....

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LordMarius3084d ago

3D Dot Game Heroes > The flopbox library

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