Conduit 2, Release Date Confirmed? shows two sites now have Conduit 2 listed with a release date.

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CoffeewithChess2875d ago

Do y'all think the date is just a placeholder, or the real deal?

DarkBlood2875d ago

well its not in september or october as reach and gt5 comes on those months the conduit 2 would be squash so i think november would be pretty legit

tunaks12875d ago

those games arent even on the wii, so reach and gt5 arent really going to take any of its sales

DarkBlood2875d ago

true though i'll be getting them all but considering someone with a limited budget and someones gonna choose between those 3 games i think the conduit might get left out judging by the way the people are on n4g

CountDracula2874d ago

Less than 400k game sales Confirmed?