IGN's Pre-E3 2007 Hands-On: Smackdown vs Raw 2008

IGN paid a visit to THQ's Southern California headquarters last week to see the E3 build of the company's star pinup, WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008. Guiding IGN along was the newly-promoted Creative Manager Bryan Williams and his boss, the Senior Creative Manager (and familiar face to the IGN faithful) Cory Ledesma.

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ReconHope4003d ago

still play wrestling games? no offense

Phantom_Lee4003d ago

I know a guy who still plays it....but he only play as the character he other wrestlers are like punching bags to him.....does that count?

akaFullMetal4003d ago

there are alot of wrestling fans, and also this helps wwe out with sales

xbox360elitegamer4003d ago

Wrestling for life, I love playing wrestling games, I'm a huge fan.

deepujatt20054003d ago

i play wresling games but only with my created superstar.. its fun.