Things Are Looking Great For Sony And PS3

The SPG details the many things that Sony has done to help bring them and the PS3 into a great position.

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unsunghero283937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

Sorry, don't get me wrong, but I find the entire concept of the "Sony Protection Group" to hurt their actual cause. If the PS3 is going to start kickin' a$$, they shouldn't be defending it.

This article should be titled "Things Will Probably Start Looking Great For Sony And PS3," because while they offer a good argument, it's nothing that anyone doesn't already know.

Personally, I think that Sony IS in great shape, and the PS3 CAN win, but if we have sites (and articles) like this then it just seems to everyone else like all of the Sony fanboys simultaneously muttering to themselves "It'll be OK, It'll be OK, Everything will be OK..."

TripleTags3937d ago

I think the sites name is the ONLY thing influencing your opinion.

Also Known As3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

I dont mean to be harsh but i will spell it out for the sony fanboys and fanboys only. THE PS3 IS DEAD. IT IS DEAD. ITS OVER.
Once the 360 drops in price it will be all over for the playstation. The playstation wont really drop in price, sony just shifted the models, the "elite" ps3 is still $600. the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of gamers dont really get a console because it can play movies they choose it because of how good and many games there are for it. Which would a smart person choose:

360 elite: HDMI, 1080p, 120gb hdd, tons of games = $429 or less (once they drop the price)


ps3 "elite": HDMI, 1080p, 80gb hdd, a few games = $600

not only that but the most affordable model of the 360 will probably be $250 while the most affordable for the ps3 will be $500.

thats just great N4G you just gave me back my bubble yesterday and you already removed it again? And all because I posted my opinion? Honestly you guys must have worked something out with sony, did they give you alot of money? just look at all the frivolous playstation stories you keep approving. This site has sold-out.

proof that this site is biased, they wouldnt let this story be approved

Firewire3937d ago

ok, I'm a huge Playstation fan but this is ridiculous! I've said it before, 1 guys rant on a fan site does not constitute news. No Playstation or 360 sites should be allowed. Once we eliminate these articles from N4G, this site will get better. And we will get better news, no crap speculation, or gamer guessing.

End of Story!
I would appreciate some bubbles.

Alvadr3937d ago

I cant believe people are still dumb enough to yell PS3 IS DEAD! PS3 IS DEAD!.

In no way is it dead, its just getting started. PS3 have a huge loyal fanbase and is not going anywhere. PS3 will be with us for a very long time, as will the 360 and Wii, so get used to it!

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Odion3937d ago

ok for the love of god 10 different post about this Amazon bit

TheExecutive3937d ago

sheesh I happen to agree with them... huh. Sony is setting itself up for success, they just need games, and bad! This holiday season will be a great winter indeed for gamers.

akaFullMetal3937d ago

like i have said before, the ps3 was only being stopped by the price and just no games out for it as of yet, besides ngs, anyways, its great that the ps3 is finally picking up steam, lets see what happens after e3 and this fall

gapzi11a3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

Come on guys. The system, the games, third party controllers... Do we really need this many threads to tell us that the price drop has spurned some sales.