Enterbrain CEO: PSP Go is worse than the WonderSwan

Enterbrain(parent company of Famitsu) CEO Hirokazu Hamamura recently spoke about the PSP's performance in a marketing seminar. Though he has high hopes for the upcoming Monster Hunter 3, he seemed pretty cynical of the PSP. Hamamura said the PSP was destined to be a platform that would only be viable in Japan.

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qface643170d ago

even if psp go was only 150 i see nothing changing everyone would still just get the much cheaper and better psp 3000's or 2000's

the GO is a failure a digital download only handheld that has less games than the physical download version
yeah sounds like a blast

Ju3170d ago

I don't get it. How is the PSP3000/2000 "better". Because of the UMD ? Does it make the games better or what ? Actually, fact is, the Go has the best screen out of all PSP models (better contrast ratio, better brightness to play in lit rooms). "Better" for me implies better performance, doesn't it. But both are actually identical. And feature wise it has more than the 3000 (at least for me). Bluetooth anyone ? 16G built in (still a feature even if you want to subtract the UMD).

PSP Go is expensive. It is not for everyone. But I only hear people complain who don't have one. If it's just for the games, why not stick with the 3000 (and add a 16G memstick). Should make everybody happy. I like my little thing I can actually carry in my pocket.

ThanatosDMC3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

PSP Go is awesome. I agree, it cost more due to the fact that it has built in 16gb and bluetooth. A 16gb flash drive at fry's electronics is $60 right now... so it's about the same price if you buy a 3000 with a 16gb.

PSP Go is awesome for portability... BUT i will be pissed off like no tomorrow if Peace Walker isnt released in PSN.

I really want for them to announce PSP2 all ready with two stick, bluetooth, 32gb, more ram, more power, longer battery, as portable and slick as PSP Go, and let it all be digital.

gamingisnotacrime3170d ago

i love the PSP Go console, and i HATE the lack of support is getting from Sony. I Downgraded my PSP experience from the 3000 to the Go, FK i want to play crisis core and I CANT!!!!

Sigh3170d ago

would just do the two things:

1) a way to integrate your old umd games into files then transfer it to PSP GO

2) make it the same price as the current PSP-3000's just like how PS3 slims were the same price as the phat ps3s.

These two things I would get a PSP GO in a heartbeat. But I might settle for that MGS:Peace Walker limited bundle pack.

gamingisnotacrime3170d ago

the 16 gb internal memory and Bluetooth suuport are likely the cause for the ridiculous price (or the excuse???)

Sigh3170d ago

possibly could be the reasons for the insane price. I still have a hard time trying to get either a PSP 3000 or GO. If only Sony would do those things I mentioned.

Ju3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

It's not. It's product placement if anything not to fish in the same pond with the PSP3000. I am sure it has more to do with the business model then anything else. Lower quantity also makes a higher price. The PSP Go can only drop in price if they'd take the 3000 (or any UMD PSP) off the market. Now guess how big the outcry would be in that case...

I could imagine, however, a Go for 100-150 when the PSP2 hits...(and the PSP3000 disappears).

OutgoingSquall3170d ago

I love my go suck it haters.

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