PS3 Home: I'd Rather Be Homeless

Associatedcontent: PS3 Home, probably one of the most hyped features that Sony had to offers consumers who were considering, or regretting, buying a PS3.

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AliTheBrit193174d ago

Home is pretty damn awful, A constant in Beta mess

Completely pointless too, like Game Room, but at least Microsoft didn't hype it up so much and put so much work into an utter boring failure.

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Icyhot3174d ago

People whine about Free stuff, man what kind of an age we live in.

And Gameroom is sh!t compared to Home. You can't even move around there like Home, might as well have been in a menu format rather that the stupid Avatars.

So again, why do guys whine about Free stuff? If you don't like it GTFO. If Sony is forcing you to pay like M$ for access to Home, then it's a viable argument, but it's FREE!!! How can you complain about FREE stuff??!!!

HolyOrangeCows3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

WAAA, bad men held a gun to my head and forced me to play on the beta of a free app.
Quick! Call a WAAAAmbulance!

"which as pointed out before, is a failure. :)"
No it is not. Millions visit and several return. It has made millions in revenue. You're only calling it a failure because it isn't on the Xbox.

AliTheBrit193174d ago

I'm not whining dude, the article was on the subject and I was just agreeing and pointing out why I feel that way

if YOU don't like THAT, then GTFO yourself :)

And Sony could have spent their time on something else like improving PSN so its closer to Xbox Live Gold standards, instead they spend time on money on Home, which as pointed out before, is a failure. :)

Forbidden_Darkness3174d ago

@Ali: A failure? Weird because whenever i go on home, there are thousands of people on there everytime, enjoying themselves. Maybe to you it sucks, but in no way is it a failure.

They have also made a quite a bit of money off of it from virtual clothes and more.

lokiroo4203174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

I wish I had a failure that has made millions upon millions, which then pays for improvements to psn and the ps3. Yeah big time failure. And btw the team for home are not the same team who develops for the psn and its features, so you have no point, youre just trolling. Have a nice day.

exnihilonihilfit3174d ago

He ends his opening sentence with the suggestion that there are only two types of people, those considering buying a PS3, and those regretting it. That's sign enough that this guy had an opinion about home before he even had a PS3. Also, Home's been out for a while now, it's a little late in the game for reviews.

Blaster_Master3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

I dont know why everyone hates on my ps3? One thing I know is that I bought some sick @ss Predator and Aliens costumes. Looked so rad I put it on my myspace and facebook. I took a pic of my aliens dude doing the Honky Tonk its bad @ss dude.

I just tried to upload my pics on here but I guess N4G dont allow it anymore. Damn nazi's.

lh_swe3174d ago

While I fully agree with what you are saying you really should know better. I mean to any fanboy what you just said looks like 360 fanboy bashing the PS3, so are you really surprised at the responses you got?

But yeah Home really does suck and MS did do well in not hyping the game room to an absurd degree.

Boody-Bandit3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Why do people feel the need to trash something that isn't forced on you and oh btw, IT'S FREE! If you don't like it DONT USE IT! I don't. It's really just that simple.

I do applaud Sony for their efforts and time and money spent on this little venture of theirs. Personally I would have rather it put into PSN but I am not paying for either and greatful for that. Sony is constantly improving PSN and quickly winning me over for dominating my available gaming hours now. In the beginning I was mostly playing on the 360. Then in 2008 it was a 50/50 thing and 2009 I gamed more on the PS3. Now since the beginning of 2010 I game primarily on my PS3.

Every once in a blue moon I jump on Home but I get bored rather easily and then jump into a regular game. Maybe some day Sony will win me over with this unique idea of theirs but for now I strictly play games. I don't use my PS3 for anything else but gaming and it gets a lot of attention from me now.

BTW author, if you dislike the PS3 that much I'm sure there are a ton of people out there that would gladly take it off of your hands for you. Hell I will take it from you. I could always use a spare.

FragMnTagM3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

but I wouldn't exactly call it fun. It is a great place to meet people though. I have made a few friends on my friends list from Home. There are only a couple of things I would add to Home.

The most important for me would be to put voice chatting back in. I get really tired of using the controller or a keyboard. It just needs to be more fluid in that regard.

Another gripe I would fix is the loading in between each space. You can literally spend an hour in loading screens if you were to visit a lot of spaces.

Oh and one more thing, make it to where you can play the games regardless of how many people are in that space. There is nothing I hate more than trying to bowl or play pool or whatever and having to constantly hit X to get into the games. I would assume that that could be fixed without too much hassle.

Other than that, keep up the good work.

Neo6043174d ago

At least I don't have to pay $67.58 include tax to play it.

-Alpha3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Regardless of its free or not Sony should have better invested their money for consumers. PSN Premium seems to be doing that now but Home is pointless. Instead of creating features that everybody could have used Home decides to create an alternate application that a few like and use (compared to the total number of users).

That is the only problem I have with Home. Sony could have really revamped PSN, invested more in Cross game chat, and added new features, etc. Home DOES do that, but launching the application to do it is what makes it unnecessary and worthless. If they could just get features like launch parties onto the XMB then I'd be happy.

Truth be told Home has made a lot of money for Sony, and since they are a business that's their goal. Since I don't have a gun to my head it's not something worth complaining about but gamers do have the right to be upset that Sony didn't better use their money.

I may personally not enjoy Home that much but a significant amount do. It's been a positive thing for Sony and consumers.

Oh, and add to the fact that fanboys put a laughable amount hype into Home and it ends up being more disappointing. It's free, but that doesn't mean it's free from criticism.

WildArmed3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Liking home or not is like saying I you like summer more than winter.

The author is oblivious to the hundreds of thousands of REGULAR visitors on home.

You and I may not like it. But it's far from a disappointment.
Yes the two features I care about aren't in it: Video sharing + Trophy room..
but i dont care. I wasn't gonna hop on either way. I have limited time when im at home *my house. home.. not psn home*.. so if i plan on spending it on the ps3, i rather be playing games.

Others think otherwise...

Bottom line: Just bcoz you didn't like it, it isn't a disaster.

You may not be a social gamer.. but there are many others that appreciate home and pay for the stuff <virtual items: Avatar clothers/accssories> that we would not think twice about buying. So out of the 10mil or so PSN users, 9mil may be rather well be homeless, but the other 1mil are having a blast in home (note: numbers are made up here)

'It's free, but that doesn't mean it's free from criticism. '
I agree. Home got it's fair share of criticism, but the sad part was that most of it wasn't constructive criticism.
People were more eager in declaring it a 'phail of the century' and giving 'free advice' to sony to drop home all together.

sikbeta3174d ago

Thanks to the writer for sharing his Opinion, The People that ENJOY Home don't Give a Damn...

Biggest3174d ago

Alpha-Male22, why is it that you and your kin constantly say what should be added to something and then you'll like it? You won't like it. Period. Stop making yourself look like a fool. All of these things you are asking for are elsewhere. Go there. If you want everything to be the same no matter what then good for you. The world doesn't work that way. The PS3 is different from other consoles. Home is different from other applications. The people that enjoy it, enjoy it. Nothing else needs to be said. You are a hater because you are a hater. Everything you want is there to be had. Go have it along with a Coke and a smile and shut the f**k up.

right and wrong3174d ago

"At least I don't have to pay $67.58 include tax to play it."

EXACTLY...Which is why You get what you pay for! Still I don't see the point in bashing Home or even Live for that matter.

Biggest3174d ago

I don't know. If I were paying for a service and they DIDN'T offer extra things that the free service was offering I would think something was fishy. People here criticize Sony for wasting time and money on creating Home, but have no qualms with the fact that some people pay to play online and don't have an application on the level of Home. I'm not saying Home is the greatest thing in the world. I'm just saying that if a free service can offer such an application, why can't the pay services give something better or even similar?

ironmonkey3174d ago

you think home is awful but i think 360 is a disaster

Baka-akaB3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Some of you guys are funny with your cheap talks of failure .
It's working and attracting many people ( myself not at all included ) .

Since when one individual not liking something make it a failure ?

I never go there , but how is it a cause to concern ? Did it rob me from some games by securing funds that would have been allocated elsewhere ? I doubt so , and if it did , we do not even know those games yet , so can hardly take offense .

I live rather happily without home , yet i believe that is the a feature that scream "i'm part of a subscription service" , and yet was absent from the 360 , till something like the gameroom at least came .

Nishka Fa Fa La Boo3174d ago

Home is pretty damn awful. I got on it and had to change my avatar to a guy because of the pervs. its boring so i dont really care for it.

Government Cheese3174d ago

I love how you are surprised at people whining about free stuff, then you do a complete 180 and whine about 360's Gameroom lol. What a double standard...

Raz3174d ago

Sorry, but for something as ostensibly great as Home was supposed to be, to still be in beta several years later is an embarrassment. It also indicates there isn't much effort going into it; it's basically been left as an online store where you can spend money on virtual objects that serve no purpose whatsoever.

Killed off my Home account a looong time ago. And my hard drive thanks me for it.

lh_swe3174d ago

And some even like it, but no-one loves it. I it's great for being free but it's a monumental dissapointment to what was promised and it's flaws far outweigh it's benefits. I mean do I really wan't to wait 15 minutes for something that bears the complexity of a flash game? I could download a bunch of crappy PSN demoes instead and get more enjoyment.

The social aspects of home are frankly very dissapointing, we were promised ways of displaying out hard earned trophies in 3D form to all our friends, play music from our hard drives for other people to listen to and movies much the same.

In short acceptable and not for hardcore games as most are likely to die of boredom in Home as gaming is meant to be fun, not a chore.

ps921173174d ago

You all belong in the open zone.

-Alpha3174d ago

Oh yeah, I'm a hater because I said I don't LOVE Home. You didn't read anything I said. I use Home and I don't mind it, so please stop twisting my comment. I never said I wanted features in Home to like, I said features should be put onto the XMB for easier access and use instead of having to launch a whole application. Please understand my comment before making assumptions about what I hate and don't hate. Instead of whining about being a hater (falsely) try actually making a relevant response.

Home's features should be incorporated onto the XMB so it's easier to enjoy. But in your black and white world if I criticize it I'm a hater. What a one dimensional defensive perspective.

PSFan1003174d ago

@whoever wrote this.
The only thing i regret is wasting 2 mins of my life reading your lame article. Seriously, this is NEWS for gamers, try posting news, whoever posted this up...

jjohan353174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

I have only two issues with Home.

1. It holds a maximum of 64 players (confirmed by Home moderator) per server or lobby. So you really can't interact with all the PS3 players currently on Home, not even those within your continent or country. They're all separated into multiple servers/lobbies because each can only hold 64 players. In order to find a friend or someone you saw yesterday, you'll have to jump out of Home and hope that the next time you enter, you'll enter the right server with the other person. If you don't believe me, that's why the game launching on Home requires you to choose to connect to the moderator/launcher from a list, each located on a different Home server/lobby.

2. Real PS3 games don't have any practical link to Home. And I find this to be a difficult problem for Sony because I certainly can't come up with any solution either. There is no practical value to Home that has anything to do with me playing PS3 games. While I understand that Home is a virtual chatroom, in order to attract a larger audience it will need to have some sort of practical value to the function of gaming with the great PS3 titles that we have, other than having a neat space with a design similar to the game.

My gf likes it, and it seems to attract the casual market more than the hardcore gamers.

iamtehpwn3174d ago

If you don't download or install it, it's like it never existed or came out.

DigitalAnalog3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

But I think it's unfair to shoot SONY down with this especially when it's offered to you for FREE. The money the make is either obviously used to make up for the losses per PS3 sales, or better yet funding for the exclusives that they put in the table. Maybe, getting PSN in the works (obviously the increase in demo count and trailers should mean something). Yet all I hear in this thread is just a combo of incredible whining and unappreciation.

I hate to say it, but this just proves that PS3 fans have poorer conduct that those of 360 who GLADLY pays for Live, even for scenarios where the online service closed for a week (once) and issues with games like BFBC2. It's really quite embarrassing as a PS3 owner seeing a lot fans riling up like this. It's like someone gave you free coffee and simply because it doesn't taste "high-class", you immediately spill it to that person's face while saying "MAKE BETTER COFFEE YOU IDIOT!"

-End statement

bjornbear3174d ago

Game Room fails mainly because YOU HAVE TO PAY

Home is free, if its flawed, at least its free =)

still barely use it though, but i cant complain about it

Anon19743174d ago

Oh wait. It's free.

What a whiner. First off, he complains right out of the gate that Home is still in beta. Waaaah! Then it's there aren't enough clothing options for his liking. Waaaah! Then the game *gasp* HAS TO LOAD BETWEEN AREAS! Waaah! Load times between areas aren't bad at all, unless you're loading them for the first time.

And then when he wanders around and plays all the free games that Sony has offered, he complains that there's no reward? For what? Playing a free game? WAAAAAAAHHHH!


DERKADER3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Shaking the PS3 fanboy cage is so easy. You all should be ashamed.

Oh no a random negative worthless opinion about the PS3. Quicly to the battle stations! By the way Home does suck, just my opinion don't get upset because my opinion is just as worthless as your thoughts.

incogneato3174d ago

ever since they took away voice chat from Home, it has been complete GARBAGE

Lykon3174d ago

chatting, playing games, making friends, meeting for multiplayer, and attending home events and completing the mini games and challenges in order to collect free stuff. It could be better but i really enjoy it on the whole. :)

Anon19743174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Seriously. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I don't understand why you would come on these forums and piss on people for sharing their thoughts. You're doing exactly the same thing.

You should be ashamed. Oh no a random negative worthless opinion about the PS3 fans expressing their right to have an opinion. Quickly to the battle stations!

See what I did there? Don't act like a douche bag. People are just trying to discuss games and if that's intolerable to you, perhaps this site isn't for you. Would it have been so hard to come into this news thread and express your distaste for Home without bashing other people for simply expressing their opinions, just as you are?

Look at the post under you. He doesn't like Home, and said so, but the difference is he didn't act like a moron and slam other people for expressing their thoughts.

Redempteur3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

if you want to meet someone you met yesterday there is always the invite option .. ( assuming you are friends )

Anyway , this is yet another fail article about someone who didn't get the point ..people use home How many people in the assasin creed space right now ? how many each time a new game is introduced many still lurking in old spaces ?

that's right .. Even the old arcade space is still full .As a optional service , home is a true succès ..why do you think audi is advertiszing their new car in HOME , because nobody come in ? How many street fighter 4 events organized in home so far ? 4,8,18 ? i've lost count ...

Like it or not events are organized and people are coming ..
They even formed more community after the awesome XI event ( alpha zone for example ..)
Like it or not , people enjoy home .
i'm a regular HOME user , and while everything isn't perfect it's still a great service ..what's more it's free and optional ..;

@t the author
you'd rather be homeless ... what a moron can be homeless , home can be deleted ..what's preventing you from doing so ?

Anyway ..Brb , trying to be in the monthly ranking in EAsports pokers...

ThanatosDMC3174d ago

"And Sony could have spent their time on something else like improving PSN so its closer to Xbox Live Gold standards..."

Yeah, like all that online lag?

nycredude3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Are all Brits shallow like you?

Call it a failure all you want. All I know is that there is always tons of people on home and lots of people spend lots of money buying stuff in the store. It makes tons of money for Sony so I would say it's more a success than a failure. Sure you can have your opinion but please back it up with some freaking sense or reasons. It obviously isn't effecting the availability of good games on the system and it's free so what's your point?

Sure you can question why people would spend their money on virtual stuff and you can even bash them if you want, but tell me is it any stupid to buy virtual stuff than say paying to play online? Or $100 for a freaking wireless connection, or over a $100 just for a hdd you can get everywhere else for $40? I don't use home regularly but I know many friends who do so sometimes I go on to hang with them. However never was I forced to go on, hell sometimes I even forget it's there, like folding home, and picture album viewer, and internet browser. Tell me how is having an extra option to do something that is free bad?

Prototype3174d ago

Hey brit here's a tip; this website is Beta 2.0, does that make it fail? Google is also beta, is that fail also?

JoelR3174d ago


free furniture. check (check your redecorate feature in your homespace - lots of furniture there and if you own a fair number of games you will have stuff from them as well, also as well as special event stuff.

free incarnation clothes for customization... check (look at the stores - some stuff is listed at 0.00$ and if you attend events and buy games you get free clothes as well

fun events. check (the game of the day stuff is fun, the special events on weekends is fun etc)

games - hmm there are some pretty spectacular games now in home.

trophies... is the one thing I could care less about(me personally) we added it because of those who though achievements meant something. The trophy room is coming but /shrug.

party system works great now in home. Try doing team launches for warhawk or BF:BC2 etc..

hopefully soon the voice chat will roll out again soon (once our voice logging is added to the servers)

Cevapi883174d ago

sony should have allowed one of its first party devs to create the avatars...when you are in Home it feels so cumbersome...the characters move slow and the animations are not the best...this is why a company like Naughty Dog or GG should have been given reign over character design...not being able to jump over a little curb is a FAIL for needs to be more accessible and easier to use...

callahan093173d ago

"we were promised a community like no other, with parties forming in Home to just hang with friends, chat, go to someone's house, play a few rounds of bowling, go watch some trailers in the theater, or jump into an actual game of Warhawk or MAG. Perhaps the most anticipated feature, for me at least, was the addition of trophies, the fabled trophy rooms, and the mythical trophy rewards. Sadly, besides the addition of trophies, none of this came into fruition."

This article fails because ALL of that came into fruition. You CAN form parties, hang out with friends, chat, go to someone's home space, play rounds of bowling, watch trailers in the theater, and jump into an actual game of Warhawk or MAG. I'm not sure how he can possibly type all of that, saying these were promised features that we never got, when they clearly ARE there.

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fantasygamer3174d ago

I don't really know why you people constantly put down HOME like you do when i finally was able to go onto PSN i went onto home sure some of the people there are weird but most of my PS3 friendlist consists of people i met on home so i believe it is a success in that fact that it is a place to socialize an meet friends ^.^

lodossrage3174d ago

It's a FREE application that nobody if FORCING you to use. How people can sit here whining about FREE stuff is pathetic. I'm not too big on HOME either. But at least I have to common sense not to complain about a FREE app

Anorexorcist3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

With how disappointing Home is, the steady stream of constant AAA games, free online gameplay, and perfect Netflix support just can't justify the console anymore. (Very Thick /S)

This is akin to some idiots complaining that they don't like the stock Solitaire gaming app within their brand new, state-of-the-art graphical PC so they're going to dump the whole PC for it and refuse to focus and indulge in anything else the PC does.

The WAAAMbulance is en route..and has arrived!!!

WildArmed3174d ago

I know.
Because i dont use this free product, i should sell my ps3 >.>
I should sell my 360 too bcoz i dont use twitter/facebook on it.. and it's avalible.
I should sell my PC too.. bcoz I don't use all the million of free apps available for it.

News must be really slow again

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ukilnme3174d ago

Cut your losses and spend your time and money developing more great games.

Sunny_D3174d ago

There are no losses. He's just being an idiot. Home is making money for Sony, It actually payed off in the end. Guess what,Sony still is making breath taking, innovative games. Ms is doing nothing. Where's the games? Oh, and nice copy with the game room, too bad it's a cheap knock off that rips the consumers off in pure MS fashion.

JD_Shadow3174d ago

So easy, a caveman can do it!

Boody-Bandit3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Sony already spends a ton of money on developing games instead of ridiculous advertising campaigns, stealing away exclusives, spending a ton of cash on DLC and timed exclusives. Sony is too busy spending their money moving their sequels forward and giving us gamers a ton of new IP's every generation.

BTW I'm not sure what you mean by cut their losses since they make money on Home.

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