IGN: How Could Fable III Use Natal?

Very few games have been confirmed to be supporting Project Natal, Microsoft's upcoming hands-free motion controller. Fable III is one of them. It also happens to be a more traditional game that can still be played from start to finish with a standard Xbox 360 controller. So, how will it use Natal? Common sense points to an integration that extends the game and makes it more interactive rather than a disjointed separate feature.

We at IGN huddled together to come up with five ways we think Natal could be used in Fable III that would actually be pretty fun. Who knows? This whole motion control revolution could turn out to be a good thin

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Sunny_D3146d ago

Having a sex mini game. Or sorting through your equipment with your hand.

Forbidden_Darkness3146d ago

The sex mini game would be funny to watch people do, sure some of them would get pretty serious doing it too.

Reibooi3146d ago

Whatever Natal does for the game it will more then likely not add anything to the game and will be nothing but a gimmick.

Fable III now you can slap your in game husband/wife and kick your in game dog. IT"S INNOVATION!!!

Bigpappy3146d ago

Casting the spells is good. Playing card games, fishing, playing with the women, opening doors, Bow and arrow, sword play, boxing... the list goes on and on. May be get a sneak peak June 13th.

MazzingerZ3146d ago

the "possibilities" will be more clear when MSFT "shocks" the gaming world with a bunch of peripherals for the camera...if people think that will get the real NATAL by only getting the camera they are wrong

When have MSFT given you a final product for your cash?
CORE? Arcade? no-HDMI? HDD? Plug&Play?...they call it "choices"...

There will be NATAL casual and NATAL Hardcore...peripherals for Fable, for Halo, for Gears, for dashboard navigation, osv to get the "full" experience...or how they will call them: "compatible" with NATAL for scanning in the best case.

And the Media will call it a "smart" move rather than trying to defend gamer's pockets and gamers will, like always, accept it, "I'm stuck with the console, all my friends are on XBL...what the hell? here comes my cash"

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nice_cuppa3146d ago

Imagine every conversation being actual conversation instead of multiple choice.

Picking locks or solving puzzles could be well implemented.

Good for putting you into games too.

I could see something like the spell system from black and white in fable 3...
Meaning you draw a symbol and natal reads the action and does the spell.

Also fable always has expressions..
Maybe we will see the facial recognition used so you perform the expressions through natal to and your character copies.

I could imagine the pub games or atleast some will use natal.
Skittles would be perfect.
Darts too.

I guess im alot more interested in how natal can improve normal games.

Like head tracking in forza.

Talking to ai in mass effect 3. Fable 3. Elder scrolls V.

Sports games.

Puzzle games.

God sims would work well.
(give me natal theme park = )

natal used to do an rts could be interesting.

I always look at games with lots of actions on one button like gears..
So i could say a word instead.


I hope they invest in the big ideas....
Fable will be a good start.