Project Natal still has a multi-processor

As you know the Natal Project is the first worldwide sensor that uses a 3D video camera, a depth sensor, a microphone and a multi-processor that runs the software, all from the same apparatus. Unlike the 2-dimensional cameras, "Project Natal" 3D analysis of whole-body movements while introducing the commands, the direction of movement or even the tone of voice. It was funny to tell us that the image we've all seen the sensor will not be the final aspect of marketing , which now are still working on it, and that between now and Christmas many things can change.

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whateva3166d ago

I don't care if they take the price up higher than $50 just to keep the chip in I would rather have a better product that can work better without taking from the 360 CPU than to get a cheaper camera.

whateva3166d ago

they even have a video.

and I used Google translate that's why I linked to PSU because that's where I posted the translated article.

Bigpappy3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

It is the bias media at it again. This time from Spain. In a nut shell, she said she loves Natal and that it responded to her every move. She did not want to stop playing. She thought it would be like Eyetoy but was surprised at how different it is. She also thinks it is completely different from the Wii.
I agree with you guys, M$ must be paying them off, because they are all saying good things about this "Laggy Natal thing". She doesn't look like a real gamer any way (is that a good thing for Natal or bad?). Is she enjoying this POS? All she was doing was making her avatar dance (and doing it in high heels), then playing that boring hit the red ball game we saw 1 million times.
May be Sony should take the move to spain and let her play Wii fit with it. I got a strong feeling the Natal is going to have the same effect on the Wii casuals crowd. They are just going to get in front of it and act like retards, dancing and waving they hands about. At least the hard core can get Move on the PS3. Plus the PS3 has Eye Pet and LBP for the casual crowd. Way more fun that dancing and acting silly. Who wants to do all that when you get home from work.

Disclosure: I am a 360 owner who thinks Natal will be very successful this holiday season. I just wanted to put myself in the mind of a fanboy who refuses to accept what is actually happening. Natal is different and is creating its own hype. Move (not a good name) is too Wii like to create that same type of hype (especially with casuals). Move will have to "out Wii" the Wii to grab the casuals (not likely). Move should focus on grabbing the hardcore for the holidays, then work on creating new experiences for casuals (different from what wii can do).

Gue13166d ago

If so many people are saying that natal's good then maybe, just maybe (you never know with M$ and their deep pockets) all this can be true?

IdleLeeSiuLung3166d ago

If anything I would rather have the skeleton mapping done on the 360. The 360 has vastly more power and than a small proprietary chip, even 5 years after the 360 launch.


a) lower cost

b) possibility for flexible use of the computing power to Natal i.e. increasing processing for decrease lag. Sure it might affect the look of the game, but games start at the controls.

c) likely easier to update the software

The only one benefit to the proprietary chip is hardly worth it in my opinion.

Tachyon_Nova3166d ago

I don't know why people trust what these dodgy translation from some Spanish website has to say over what Microsoft execs have to say. Oh hang on, they actually say Natal is revolutionary and functions properly. Scrap that.

From what I've seen of Natal, the thing simply doesn't work, It's kinda a nice idea, but their implementation looks rushed and shoddy, which I guess is why its on X360 after all...

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Godmars2903166d ago

If that is indeed true, then where's the list of Natal titles that back it up? So far the only games it has are the dodge ball game and the splash paint game, which hasn't been showed since E3.

Maybe, just maybe, all the press people who otherwise normally wouldn't touch a console are being effected by the hype surrounding it. Regardless, anyone who calls themselves a gamer shouldn't be using them as an example especially when they're getting excited over a game they themselves would never bother with.

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AAACE53166d ago

I'm still not sold on this, but I think it has potential!

If they have a couple of games like the ball one, I can see alot of gamers finally getting some exercise. I just want them to show more and then I may finally get excited about it. But for now, I am still burned by how much of a letdown the Wii was for me, so I am very skeptical of the motion control thing.

I will try to keep an open mind until E3 though...

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TVippy3165d ago

LOL, It was going to cost above 50 without the chip. Now, with the chip onboard, it'll be priced around the $100 mark.

fryday3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

The press has already seen some new games for Natal, but they are strictly forbidden to talk about them, till MS announces them officially. If they leak information before the announcement, they will be put on a blacklist and will never be allowed to attend such an event again, including all keynotes @E3 @GDC etc

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Omega43166d ago

Guess the eyetoy must have a multiprocessor too.....oh wait

Sunny_D3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Doesn't matter Sony moved on from the eyetoy, something they did 8 years ago. I guess Natal really is revolutionary.. oh wait. Also, the site is in a different language, how are we supposed to know how credible they are especially if this is the first time hearing about them? And the translated link is from a forum on PSU. Ironic, non the less.

Pedobear Rocks3166d ago

at least get the product name right EyeToy is from the PS2 era.

captain-obvious3166d ago

well no need for that since the PS3’s cell dose that, just like saying it cant do 3D and face recognition

so yes the EYEtoy can do MOST of what NATAL can

Godmars2903166d ago

When has Natal been shown doing anything like that?

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whateva3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Move Meets Natal! lol

kissmeimgreek3166d ago

hahahaha nice photoshopping.

OT: If i ca understand what hes saying (not a fan of all these translated articles...) It seems that he felt there was very little lag in his session when he mentions trying to break dance in front of it. Who knows how accurate that description is but maybe its true that the lag has been greatly decreased.

Oh wait forgot i was in the open zone...

*AHEM* Deh projecz gatal has deh laggines. All hail deh suprioir playztation Move.

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