E3 2010 Possibilities: Sony

SFG writes: Microsoft has been holding a clinic on how to give a proper E3 Press Conference. Giving a rock concert worthy performance of big names in the music industry to flashy lights and lasers, Microsoft has forever changed the way Press Conferences for the Industry are given. It is possible that Sony has finally learned the lesson that they should have learned two years ago. Go Big!

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WildArmed3144d ago (Edited 3144d ago )

'Downloading updates or anything of substantial size off the PSN Store seems to take forever.'

It takes me barely 5mins to download 1gb files off psn =/

I don't think that PSN is the issue here... it's the internet connection.

But I really dont see Bungie getting up on Sony's E3.
If they are going to announce a multiplat, they might as well announce it on MS's e3.. and reveal 3-4 months later that it's multiplat.
(much like how Lost Planet 2/MGS:R was believe to be exclusive until told otherwise)

unrealgamer583143d ago

That sounds like a blessing to me.

This Is how It'll go down, Microsoft will show 3rd party games with halo (LOL) and Sony will show they're heavy hitting exclusives.

BldyShdw3143d ago

I started my Halo adventure with 3 and it left me unfortunately unimpressed. I'm keeping Reach on my radar, so hopefully it delivers.

On Topic: I thought last years E3 was good for sony but I REALLY hope I dont have to hear about how much the ps2 is selling in south america this year...

Lifendz3143d ago

Heavy Rain, God of War 3, Mod Nation coming soon....honestly, if Sony has a "less than stellar" E3, I won't be disappointed. I know GT5 is dropping and I know either R3 or KZ3 is coming this year.

Boody-Bandit3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Maybe if you are an easily impressed 12 year old with the attention span of a gnat.

Don't get me wrong I loved the original Halo Combat Evolved but I feel the series slowly declined after that. Halo 3 was okay but I thought it was a step in the wrong direction from 2 and 2 was from the original. Halo ODST was decent. If felt more like Combat Evolved but I want them to step it up on visuals and add more of today's gameplay elements other shooters use and make it more tactical. I am holding out hope for Halo Reach but to say Halo > any other game is beyond silly. It's just plain ignorant.

On topic:
Sony is already off to an amazing start this year with God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Yazuka, MLB The Show 10, etc

At E3 Sony will be bringing out the Big Guns.
I expect this year to be their strongest showing in a decade.
They are going to show the world just what Move can do and new IP's that will utilize it.
Introduce 3D gaming.
Introduces the world to PSN Premium.
GT5 playable demo and etched in stone release date.
Killzone 3
Last Guardian
Resistance 3
David Gaffe's game announced
Probable information on sequels to games like:
Infamous 2
and a ton of others.
Plus I have a feeling this will be the year Sony shocks the world with an announcement possibly regarding Bungie, Epic, Bioware, etc.

HolyOrangeCows3143d ago

What is your problem? Are you trying to convince yourself? Are you trying to be funny? I mean, seriously....what?

Comet3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

They need something HUGE!
Maybe GTA V: London exclusive? Rockstar North should be able to take full advantage of the Blu-Ray disc that way. (Imagine GTAIV + GTA San Andreas with all the diving in water/sky, airplanes, gangs, massive areas, more missions, greater textures, more gameplay, etc.)

Or, a Bungie game ;)

Tony-A3143d ago

"Halo > Any other game"

Did you copy & paste that comment from 2004, when Halo was relevant?

bjornbear3143d ago

astronomically wrong

but what ever keeps you from breaking down and crying

Rainstorm813143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

I understand the dislike for Sony's yearly sales charts but i could care less if paul mcartney or yoko ono or Mick jagger, jay-z, kanye west, eminem or whoever shows up.......I Want the GAMES!

Whoever shows the most and the best looking games wins E3 IMHO.

For those who want dancers and musicians and laser lights.......Go to a Concert.

Cant wait for this years E3 im expecting one of the best yet.


Whats with the bungie game obsession?? I know Halo has been more than a blockbuster for the company, but other than Halo the only other game i know of that they made was Oni(PS2) which was utterly boring. Bungie needs to prove to me that they arent a 1 franchise wonder.

sikbeta3143d ago

I posted this in other Article, but It is something that I'll love to see

This can be The Perfect Playstation E3 Conference if The Guys at Sony show:

·KZ3, Trailer
·MotorStorm 3 + Updated Physics engine
·Twisted Metal PS3, Jaffe on Stage Announcing it
·Syphon Filter PS3, Trailer + info
·SOCOM4, new Trailer + Gameplay, info about SP
·Gran Turismo 5, New Trailer and Release Date
·FF Versus 13, at least a New trailer
·The Last Guardian, Gameplay
·Agent, Trailer
·DC Universe On-line, some Gameplay
·The Agency, Gameplay
·More about Minority Report with PS-Move
·3D Stuff...

Cevapi883143d ago

what would impress me is if Sony actually gets a AAA game to support Move and show it off in the presentation....maybe R3 or Motorstorm 3...if people see that Sony is serious about Move and that studios such as Insomniac and the other first party devs are in full support of it, then the possibilities will be endless...we always hear talk about how PS3 exclusives are better than the majority of multiplatform games...add in Move and third party devs will soon follow seeing as how Sony will make sure its first party devs utilize everything Move is capable of...just like they have with the PS3 e.g. GoW3, R2, UC2, KZ2, GT5 etc

deadoralive13373143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

I just want sony to come back with a bang. They haven't played all their cards yet so E3 will probably be the best time for them. And if they do come back with a bang I think they can move some consoles because many xbox 360 only owners are waiting for some of the games that you mentioned sikbeta. I think microsoft is doing what sony did last year. Microsoft pretty much showed all their games for holiday, fall, next year etc. and then they won't have anything left for E3. But anything can happen. I really hope there is some real clash between Sony's and Microsoft's press conference. I want gow3 catch phrase at E3 :D

Redrum0593143d ago

i realy want the Mass Effect series on my ps3.

MazzingerZ3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Rockstar will "reveal" GTA V: Agent

xabmol3143d ago

The Last Guardian > Halo


Commander TK3143d ago

cry to infinity & beyond, funny how I watched Toy Story 2 yesterday, if the PS2 was to be discontinued

Prototype3142d ago

I hope they show E3 in home again like last year, gave me a reason to stay home :D

By the way on my new connection I can download a 1 GB file under 4 min using a netgear router.

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godslayer4293143d ago

will be throwing haymakers come this E3

ForROME3143d ago

Ill take mass effect and a updated version of PSN

PSN is stale, lacking fluidity for online games and has no true built standard infrastructure and its annoying. Lack of head sets doesnt help

I welcome premium, Ill be in line to sign up

PS: SONY start packing head sets in the box, get your community up and going vocally

bjornbear3143d ago

you can get some for 10 bucks

here's the list

what, no headsets with PS3 = no people using headsets on PS3?


maybe they just don't find the need for it as much, i sure as hell don't unless i'm playing a heavy team based game

lack of head sets with PS3 =! problem

i agree PSN can be better, but once again, you are finding problems in PSN that are so trivial, once again, I pronounce you butt hurt

its free, you can play online with no faults, if you want head sets BUY ONE, and other than more content which will come with time, i don't see what else is so HELLISH about it =/

enlighten me...and do it well, because I use it every day extensively and I have no real complaints, just suggestions for improvements

WildArmed3142d ago

I dont use headsets to talk to every damn person i DONT know.

I usually pull it out when I am playign w/ my buds
Otherwise, i dont need people screaming in my ear or talking about their bad day at work.. =/

Nathan Drake23143d ago

gran turismo 5
killzone 3
resistance 3
infamous 2
motorstorm 3
the last guardian
white knight chronicles 2
disgaea 4
persona 5(probably exclusive)
atelier rorona
david jaffe game
cambridge studio game
media molecule game
socom 4
ff versus 13

Anon73493143d ago

2010 Confirmed and possibilities.

Starhawk (Warhawk 2)
DC Universe Online (PC)
Eye Pet
Legend of Kunoichi
Last Rebellion
Motor Storm 3
Ape Escape 4
The Last Rebellion
Twisted Metal 6
Ar tonelico 3
Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland
The Last Guardian
3D Dot Game Heroes
White Knight Chronicles 2
Ryu Ga Gotoku 4 (Yakuza 4)
Yakuza 3
The Agency(PC)
Mod Nation Racers
Free Realms
Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll
Star Ocean: The Last Hope International
FF13 versus
Parappa the rappa
God of war 3
Warriors Orochi Z
Sengoku BASARA Samurai Heroes
Brooklyn Stories
Battle Suit Gundam: Battlefield Record
Socom 4
Trinity Universe

2011 and b3yond:

Syphon Filter
Ace combat 7
The mark of kri
Demon's Souls 2
White Knight Chronicles 3
FF13 versus
Nier Replicant
Zone Of Enders 3
Persona 5
Killzone 3
Resistence 3
InFamous 2
Uncharted 3
Valkyria Chronicles Sequel
Tales Of Vesperia
King's Field Sequel
Sly Cooper Sequel

The list was made in 2009 but the majority of it is pretty solid. A lot of it is based on strong rumors though.

stonecold13143d ago

eyeidentify and 8 days they will come out even eyepet2 is in the works as well

Ninji3143d ago

Of course people are going to forget a few games when naming off PS3 exclusives. There are too many coming out to keep up with. It would be easier to list the 360 exclusives as you have more fingers than they have exclusives.

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