Xbox 360 sales decrease 11 percent in Japan

Sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 decreased 11 percent in Japan in new retail data from the region.

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MaximusPrime3174d ago

6 days ago xbox 360 sales increased 20%.

now it decreased 11%.

IMO Xbox 360's dead from day one in Japan.

-MD-3174d ago

These articles are pointless.

dangert123174d ago

but i give props to ms for consistancy and pushing tho there ideas are not cutting it and they need more only avalible on 360 titles another thing is how do the promote the games over there cause when i looked at the most played online games for 360 sometime last year halo and forza did't make the cut well none of the 360 games you'd be by a 360 for did i reckon halo could storm over there and gears but promoting is an issue