New Details and Screenshots for A Shadow's Tale

resumeplay writes: "A Shadows Tale, Hudson's upcoming platformer exclusive for Wii, has some new info and MANY screenshots released today. A Shadows Tale take the simple 2D for a twist where the player controls the shadow of a young boy with the only purpose to scale the monstrous building that dominates the town."

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Valay2996d ago

I like the style of the game!

smashly2996d ago

The Wii has an amazing year ahead of itself with tons of great games for the hardcore.

brandynevils2996d ago

Looks like it could be fun, I need to see more of the game though.

mau642996d ago

Yeah, not much has been announced yet, still looks fun though and is a new way of play to the 2D genre.

SKGamer2996d ago

This game has such an awesome premise/idea. I love when developers really think outside the box like this (outside the hitbox? shadow joke? not sure)

But yeah, from the looks of this so far, I'm gonna have to steal my bro's wii for a week or two.

mau642996d ago

yeah, I have reasons for hanging onto my wii... this could be one of them, idk though, I need to see more.

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