Level-5 game announcement incoming

Level-5's next game will be announced in the next Famitsu. Company CEO Akihiro Hino recently said that it "will become an extremely anticipated."

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-Mezzo-3174d ago

I am so damn looking forward to it.

Noctis Aftermath3174d ago

Dark Cloud 3... we need more good JRPGs.

Sunny_D3174d ago

Noctis it will be Dark Cloud 3..... for the PSP. >_>

WhatARump3174d ago

Dark Cloud :3

Loved the second game, wasn't too big a fan of the first but damn that's so nostalgic.

Please make a new Dark Cloud!!

-Alpha3174d ago

I was so hyped for Dark Cloud 3 and I would sell a baby down a river just to get a new Dark Cloud game but don't get your hopes up. Last time I checked there was rumor about some stupid soccer game Level-5 was working on. I hope that I am wrong, I really do.

SpoonyRedMage3174d ago

You mean that stupid soccer game which has outsold all their PS3 and PSP titles? and likely all their PS2 ones aswell(apart from DQVIII)...

Yes I wonder why they'd prioritise that... especially with the World Cup coming up...

Plus it's self published so they don't have to give Sony a cut.

WhatARump3174d ago

Do you think care about a random soccer's games sales were?

I wanna play Dark Cloud, which in my opinion was one of the greatest action rpg games of last gen.

Gamers these days care more about sales numbers than actually playing games >.>

Myze3173d ago

@1.5 I didn't see anywhere that Alpha said the soccer game wasn't a better seller. Most likely 99% of the people that visit n4g don't care about a soccer game from level5, or at least not care as much as they do about the release of a new RPG. The people that buy soccer games every year in Europe are the same type of people that buy Madden every year in the US, and are not the type of people I consider "gamers" because many of them are very limited in the types of games they purchase, which would fall under the category of "casual."

Anyway, there is no title they could announce that I want more than Dark Cloud 3. Even if they announced Dragon Quest 11 for the ps3, I would still prefer Dark Cloud.

SpoonyRedMage3173d ago

Ermm the soccer game IS an RPG... that's why it's so popular! because keep in mind they haven't been released in Europe yet.

[email protected]3173d ago

^ but its NOT the RPG that I want xD

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mau643174d ago

I could go for another professor layton

Pedobear Rocks3174d ago

and it better be on a console I own.


TooTall193174d ago

Dark Cloud would have so much potential, but lately Level-5's decisions have irritated me cause they constantly turn down making a new Dark Cloud. Heck, I'd be happy with a DC 1&2 remake. If they do make a new Dark Cloud it would most likely be on Ps3.

SpoonyRedMage3174d ago

Who wants to try and work out the odds for which platform?

I'd say in order of likelihood it goes DS>PSP>PS3>Wii.

LittleBigSackBoy3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

I'd say PS3, only because L5 seem to like Sony.But it's probably a DS game like you said, since they're already busy with WKC2 for PS3.

Wasn't me who disagreed BTW. I'll even it out, have an agree.

Optical_Matrix3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

I'm saying PS3. We already know Inazuma 11 -3 is coming out for DS. Dragon Quest 10 for Wii, WKC 2 for PS3 , and that robot game for PSP...but if you remember a while back, earlier this year Level 5 stated they have 2 PS3 games in developement. One is WKC and the other goes unannounced. I'm betting it's this unannounced PS3 game. Dark Cloud 3 or a new IP.

Look here:

Baka-akaB3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

i'd say there is no likelihood at all , it depends of their project and their scale .

They happily switch between all of the above . I'm not totally convinced they'd jump back to dark could if it's a ps3 . Could be , or could be a new ip , or even a rogue galaxy 2

Rock Bottom3174d ago

Very reasonable, but level 5 have expanded their studio recently, they might be able to work on 2 PS3 games at the same time, I'd say the chance of this game being a PS3 game is at least bigger than it being a psp game.

SpoonyRedMage3174d ago

Well yes, it's not easily predicted.

They apparently trademarked a game called Sengoku Baseball or similar which sounds like a perfect game to get the Inazuma Eleven crowd which is why I put DS as the first.

There's also been mention of a console version of Inazuma Eleven which is a suspected Wii project.

Also we've got to keep in mind that even though they expanded it doesn't mean the projects will be for currect platforms. They'll likely have 3DS dev kits( and PSP2 ones if it's coming) and I think Square Enix will probably want to follow the sales success of DQIX by putting a new DQ on the 3DS. It'd be an especially good idea at the beginning of the lifespan as well.

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