First Pokemon Black/White scans and new details

Not only have the first scans of Pokemon Black/White been released, but there are also new details about the games.

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execution173171d ago

planning on getting a DS this month for that new gold and silver, then days later BOOM black & white are announced as 3DS games

incogneato3170d ago

interested too but seems like a slight upgrade. as long as they get rid of gay ass friend codes, it will be good. but knowing nintendo, we are still going to be forced to use friend codes and no battle match-making will be an utter failure.

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Megaton3171d ago

Kinda feel like playing one of these. I haven't played a Pokemon game since Red/Blue.

3171d ago
bjornbear3170d ago

loved red, but then meh....

call me close minded, but as a kid i remember the day i remembered all the names of the pokemons (so sad but i was young-ish)

then they added loads more...and more....and more...and i just never got to know them as well as the 1st set, so i couldn't get into the other games

it was just a phase i guess

but pokemon games are some of my fav strategy rpg's ever =) great games and a great franchise

3170d ago
Hotel_Moscow3170d ago

google it i gotta admit i didnt like ds games but now that i have the ds emulator the graphics arent as bad as i thought

YoungKingDoran3171d ago

unfortuately this is not so much of a departure as i would have liked.

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The story is too old to be commented.