Uncharted influences Splinter Cell: Conviction

Patrick Redding, game director for Splinter Cell: Conviction, has told OXM that Ubisoft drew heavily upon the likes of Max Payne and Uncharted for Sam Fisher's latest outing.

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FangBlade3089d ago (Edited 3089d ago )

Who wouldn't be influenced, Uncharted 2 is perfect.

Lord_Ranos3089d ago

Uncharted franchise is among the best gaming has to offer.

raztad3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Uncharted 2 is amazing and very well deserving to be a source of inspiration. The stealth in UC2 was simple but effective and helped a lot to make the game more variated.

SCC is receiving very nice scores and game is looking really fun. Definitely worth a try.

AAACE53088d ago

Uncharted 2 was a well crafted game! I hope alot of other developers take notes and step their game up. Especially the one who makes a game that sounds like 'Boom Hater'.

Commander TK3088d ago

I wouldn't say perfect, but not very far from it.

dangert123088d ago

uncharted inspired evry1
even sega wen they made the dreamcast =/

NeoBasch3088d ago

I could tell. It's greater because of it. I can't wait to pick this up. Love me some cinematic gaming!

Cevapi883088d ago

and people say that UC2 hasnt redefined the Third Person and Action Adventure genre....good one game journalists...good one

WildArmed3088d ago

I really liked the SC:C game mechanics (expect for the spoon feeding they did.. everything was very easy)
I love the cover to cover movement.

I hope we can get hand to hand combat in the retail version..
I dont like just hitting B to kill the guy.. even if he saw me already.
I liked U2's combat mechanics... if he didn't see u, 1 hit kil.. otherwise combot ime!

ThanatosDMC3088d ago

I just saw the trailer of Conviction and it doesnt even come close to how awesome Uncharted 2 is graphically. You can also see how the textures are in Conviction compared to U2.

forcefullpower3088d ago

You can definitely see from the intro to the games. The bloke looks like sully from uncharted. All my mates pissed themselves laughing when they saw it.

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ChozenWoan3088d ago

All I said in my reply that was deleted below was that SC:C is a timed exclusive and that it is also coming to PS3, which is something that has become fashionable this gen.

I also informed mattygamefreak that instead of replying in a new thread, he could just reply to his own by clicking on the reply link in the lower right hand corner of his original post. How is any of that considered a violation of the gamer zone. I was trying to be helpful and informative, but then again this is N4G... carry on.

Gamer7l3088d ago

....Lara Croft should be saying "You're welcome, Nathan."

boodybandit3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Tomb Raider and Uncharted have very little in common other than they are both treasure hunters. If anything, Lara Croft should thank Indiana Jones. See how easy and equally silly that can be done?

Obama3088d ago

Tomb raider has a very different game play mechanic compared to Uncharted. The only common ground they share is the fact that Nathan and Lara are both treasure hunters.

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clintos593089d ago

Is a big reason I know this game will be tons of fun. SCC should be awesome.

Assassin Creed3088d ago (Edited 3088d ago )

Patrick Redding, game director for Splinter Cell: Conviction, has told OXM:

"We paid attention to everything from Riddick to Max Payne. Obviously we took a good, heavy look at the way Uncharted works too. It's not just about production value, a lot of it is looking, at the lowest level, what the player is going to spend his time doing."




Splinter Cell: Conviction:WILL WIN 1 AWARD(FLOP OF THE YEAR)

otherZinc3088d ago

That crap stealth in Uncharted 2 was ridiculous & UBI copied because the fools that rate that games talked of the greatness of U2 when it was garbage.

U2 didn't pickup the dead bodies & didn't get criticized & the fools at UBI ruined my game Splinter Cell by copying that garbage because they thought it was ok! DAMN!

Brklynty13088d ago

You must be an unfortunate Sega Saturn only owner, aren't ya?

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