Lindsay Lohan And Other Hollywood Celebrities Attend Splinter Cell: Conviction Launch Party

The Splinter Cell: Conviction launch party was HUGE, with many Hollywood celebrities (such as actresses Lindsay Lohan, Adrianna Costa, Aisha Tyler, Jasmine Dustin, Audrina Patridge, Bai Ling, actors Chris Evans, Michael Rosenbaum, Robbie Amell, Patrick Fugit, singer Jessica Sierra, and porn star Mary Carey) attending the event.

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Pedobear Rocks3172d ago

crack party? Nice collection of D list people.

Nothing against Xbox or Natal but showing up at a party where everyone is on crank isn't going to help sales.


RankFTW3172d ago

I can honestly say that I didn't recognise any of those people and were half of those women porn stars?

lociefer3172d ago

lol ya, i bet they think sam fisher is another one of their fans

Chris3993171d ago

Truly an achievement for re-constructive surgeons. Except for the akimbo breasts - she must have had those done in Mexico for cheap.

For reference, Mary Carey before the procedures:


Oh, and lesbianism/ partying/ drug-abuse/ general trashiness isn't treating poor Lindsay too well. A couple more years and a bleach blond dye job and she'll be Courtney Love's lookalike.

WildArmed3171d ago

I remember that she was at the Heavy Rain launch party too. O_O

(or atleast there was an article about it)

Government Cheese3171d ago

This is how wannabe celebrities get in the spotlight.

iNcRiMiNaTi3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

I only recognized lex luthor from smallville and the human torch dude from the fantastic 4 movies. Didn't know their names before and probably wont care to remember them anyway.

LordMarius3171d ago

Really none of yall know who Chris Evans is?

rucky3171d ago

All I know is he was the Human torch and I saw him in Sunshine. Guy kinda reminds me of Chris O Donnell.

LordMarius3171d ago

well everyone will know who he is when he stars as Captain America

Bubbly3171d ago

You mean when he ruins the movie as Captain America?

Adexus3171d ago

There's quite a few who I recognised, Chris Evans being one of them, Michael Rosebaum (Lex Luthor from Smallville), Aaron Paul (Jesse from Breaking Bad, he was also in The Last House on the Left), C.S Lee (Masuka from Dexter), David Zayas (Batista from Dexter), Aisha Taylor (Marianne Taylor from 24 season 4), Chris Masterton (Francis from Malcolm in the Middle), Balfour (He was in season 1 and 6 of 24).

They're the only ones who I knew.

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I don't get it. Why is the word "celebrity" tied to xbox events now?

mirroredderorrim3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Because Microsoft probably needs celebrity help to push hardware/software.
Personally I think it's bullsh!t. I don't even like when Sony uses "celebrities".

Keep those f*&ks away from our games.

Would you hit it?

"not even alcohol would make her attractive"

CARRIERHASARRIVED3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

I'd hit it.

With something long and hard too.

A tire iron comes to mind. Call it "repellent".

CellularDivision3171d ago

They use celebrities because Xbox is popular, its 2nd place, after all.

Nitrowolf23171d ago

sh1t man
wtf is MS/UBI thinking inviting her
She is only making the game look unattractive

Megaton3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Yeah, that's pretty funny how they're using "celebrities" more often now. Getting them to come and slap some balls with Natal and make some PR vids saying how incredible it was. It's all fake. That's why I don't like the VGAs. None of the celebrities who take part give a flying f*ck about gaming. They're just pretending to be interested for the sake of whoever paid them to be there.

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Darkfiber3172d ago

I've only heard of two of those people. Why is everyone considered a "celebrity" these days?

Chris3993171d ago

Conditions ordaining celebrity:

- Give a hand-job/ blow-job/ gay kiss to someone moderately famous (used to be Presidential status and up required, now any C list reality star will do).
- Go to a multitude of parties simply because you are rich. Aka, the socialite.
- Get a reality t.v. show.
- Start a blog.
- Have a famous person's baby (again C list will do).
- Write a scathing book about someone currently deceased.
- Have lots and lots and lots of Plastic surgery (Jocelyn Wildenstein, aka "Cat Lady" - she was also a wealthy lunatic, which certainly helped).
- Write a self-help book.
- Go on Oprah.

And that's just the tip of the ice-berg, really.

Mo0eY3171d ago

A main component that you forgot Chris:

- Must have been to rehab at least two times

jlar3171d ago

I'd be insulted if Lindsay Lohan showed up to my party. lol
-I wouldn't even brag about that, rather I'd try to hide that.

Baka-akaB3171d ago

i'd make the bouncer refuse them at the entry , but then again i'd probably close shop soon , since it's those type of vapoware people that pass for celebrities now .

Brewski0073171d ago

I wouldnt call that line up of stars classy at all. Way to bring the tone of a good event down. The porn star is just the Cherry on top :P

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