New Bleach and Dragon Ball Games Revealed in Jump Magazine

Dragon Ball Tag VS and Bleach Heat the Soul 7 for the PSP have been revealed in the latest issue of Weekly Shounen Jump.

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kenpachi3173d ago

i wish those Bleach games would get released in Europe its driving me mad every time i see a new one released and i cant get them anywhere

Brklynty13172d ago

SEGA! F*CK YOU SEGA! You buy the bleach distrubution rights for all regions except Japan and all you do is release these crap DS and Wii games. Idc I'm gonna do like I always do with the Heat the Soul games, import them. And this I won't miss out on.

Blaze9293172d ago

i wish they'd make a damn 360/ps3 Bleach game already! damn

Brklynty13172d ago

Sega has it for every other region and all they do is nintendo games...

Coolmanrico3172d ago

Agree, we want a console Bleah game!

headwing453172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

I'm pretty sure I saw a Bleach game on the Wii

Edit: ops, didn't read your body

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Hotel_Moscow3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

pirate mode activated

do what you want because a pirate is free you are a pirate

Simon_Brezhnev3172d ago

still waiting on a bleach PS3 game.

Raypture3172d ago

Bleach wouldn't be accurate as a game, there aren't any backgrounds and you don't want to fight in just a big space of white do you? (those who get the joke will laugh)

I should get another DBZ game, haven't played one since Dragonball Tenchaiichi 2

Hotel_Moscow3172d ago

are from narutofan and or 4chan because that joke is dumb most panels in bleach don require backgrounds or they would take over the character models

Raypture3172d ago (Edited 3172d ago )

I do go to 4chan but not narutofan mostly /a/, the "bad" part of 4chan that gives it a bad rep is /b/ with its LOLSORANDUM sh!t Kubo mostly draws reaction images onto panels, bleach has been going downhill since the end of the soul society arc where it should have ended. what do you mean by take over the character models?

Bleaches art had more backgrounds and originality early on, but bleach is like DBZ with swords, it's author also lost passion as time went on with it.

Hotel_Moscow3172d ago

nope bleach is the same kubo has jyst crammed this arc with a helluva aot of character development that people dont pick up on i mean look who had fights

renji ishida rukia espada 1 through 10 gotei 13 captains all vice captains exept for squad 1 chad fraccion and each one had more character development than any other manga i mean come on thats basically 40 +characters in one arc each getting complete fight

kishimoto made all these awesome characters in naruto and hasnt even used any of them but instead have them over shadowed by power houses basically if you dont have sharingan or a beast youre useless

Raypture3171d ago

More fights aren't character development, something like a backstory being revealed or them in a battle with themself over a thought/opinion is character development.

Hotel_Moscow3171d ago

if thats what you think is character development then you should read bleach again kubos way of writing is not like a book its how characters react to circumstances and their chamge from the soul society arc example hisagi tousen ikkaku everyone has been given a more detailed personality

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White-Sharingan3172d ago

God damn it, I want a One Piece fighting game for PSP or PS3

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