Video: CryENGINE 3 Makes Crysis 2 The Best Looking Console Game Ever?

Yesterday a plethora of Crysis 2 information was released across the web. We got the chance to see a brand new trailer and new details of the game were also divulged.

But apart from the Time Square NY trailer released on yesterday, another trailer showcasing the power of Crytek's latest upgrade to its much celebrated engine was also revealed. It's called Crysis 2 Achieved with CryENGINE 3.

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sid4gamerfreak3171d ago

"CryENGINE 3 Makes Crysis 2 The Best Looking Game Ever"

Of course it does....On the PC

ikral3171d ago

I´ll think about that while enjoying this game on PS3. Right...

ClownBelt3171d ago

Been done already. Nothing new here really...

Foxgod3171d ago

Yeah, all games look this awesome after 30 beers.
Most of us are sober while we play games tho.

mrv3213171d ago

MOST of it isn't new, watch some developer stuff, I'm pretty sure most of this was in cryengine 2. So it isn't really new and even some of the console features we've all ready seen except for that real time editing thing which looks cool.

Darkfocus3171d ago

all of this was in cry engine 2. the purpose of this video is to show off the effects on consoles.

Pedobear Rocks3171d ago

has hired HHG title writer.

Sorry...but a multiplatform engine just isn't going to push either console to the max as it isn't optimized for a specific set of hardware.

That is reality.


Foxgod3171d ago

Game is developed for each console, each version is build individually.
So there are no ports of this game.

Pedobear Rocks3171d ago

to produce both the Xbox and PS3 even shows this in the attached video.

Unless the engine itself is optimized for a particular set of hardware you are not going to get optimum results. That is a fact.


Foxgod3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Read again, they build the game from the ground up for each platform.
There is no porting, the game takes full advantage of each console.

Pedobear Rocks3171d ago again...

Ground up USING THE SAME ENGINE. The ENGINE is multiplat...therefore you will never get optimized code for a particular platform. Shoehorning sh1t in after the fact on a multiplat engine is not the same as 'ground up' in my opinion.


Aphe3171d ago

Can't you optimise the engine for each platform then?

mrv3213171d ago

If you FULLY utilized the version, then of course it'd be different. The PS3 does stuff differently to the 360 and vice versa.

If they looked the same, and I mean identical one version will have to be reduced in order to do that.

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Foxgod3171d ago

If this game got great controller support like its predecessors, i will play this game on my PC for sure.

Chris_TC3171d ago

You play a shooter willingly on a controller? That's pretty hilarious.

kneon3171d ago

I've been PC gaming since the Apple ][ and I also prefer a controller. Yes it is less precise but that just adds to the challenge.